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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for April 5, 2011

THEME: Covering Randy Newman
The Bobs - Lonely at the Top (Randy Newman) - 3:14 from 1993's Cover the Songs of...
Mollie O'Brien - Rollin' (Randy Newman) - 2:47 from 1998's Big Red Sun
Chris Smither - Have You Seen My Baby? (Randy Newman) - 2:26 from 1991's Another Way to Find You
DM Stith (David M. Stith) - Suzanne (Randy Newman) - 4:01 from 2009's BMB EP
Marykate O'Neil - Living Without You (Randy Newman) - 2:25 from 2008's mkULTRA EP
The Wolfgang Press - Mama Told Me Not To Come (Randy Newman) - 3:12 from 2001's Everything Is Beautiful
Levon Helm - Kingfish (Randy Newman) - 4:24 from 2009's Electric Dirt
Steve Earle - Rednecks - 3:12 from 2006's Sail Away
Bonnie Raitt - Guilty (Randy Newman) - 2:58 from 1973's Takin' My Time

Before moving to Seattle around the turn of the century, BOAT's David Crane was a schoolteacher in Chicago. Apparently, not too excited with teaching as a career, he leaped into the music industry and I'm glad he did. His songs sound like many other happy, sunshiny artist but have that certain uniqueness that makes BOAT stand out from the crowd. The music is lively, contagious pop rock full of super hooks and fun. There's no significance to the all caps other than to give the word more distinction. Although it would have been great if it was an acronym for some phrase like 'Belief Only Alters Temptation' or 'Broccoli Onions And Thyme'. BOAT released four full length albums since 2006.

200 Days, 59 Ways - 3:11 from 2007's Let's Drag Our Feet
Landlocked w/John Roderick - 3:05 from 2011's Dress Like Your Idols
Prince Of Tacoma - 2:43 from 2009's Setting The Paces
Elephant Ears - 3:32 from 2006's Songs That You Might Not Like
Bite My Lips - 3:09 from 2011's Dress Like Your Idols
Lately (I've Been On My Back) - 3:12 from 2009's Setting The Paces
Illustrate The History -- When I Grow Up - 2:17 from 2007's Let's Drag Our Feet
Last Cans Of Paint - 2:06 from 2006's Songs That You Might Not Like
Do The Double Take - 1:50 from 2011's Dress Like Your Idols

Tracy Bonham - Behind Every Good Woman - 3:44 from 2000's Down Here
Eisley - Smarter - 3:17 from 2011's The Valley
MGMT - Weekend Wars - 4:12 from 2007's Oracular Spectacular
Lou Reed - The Blue Mask - 5:04 from 1982's The Blue Mask
Agnes Obel - Close Watch - 4:00 from 2007's Philharmonics
Allo Darlin' - Heartbeat Chilli - 4:19 from 2010's Allo Darlin'
Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line - 2:33 from 2002's The Alternative Johnny Cash

Doctors & Dealers - Backstabber - 2:35 from 2011's Trouble EP
Agent Ribbons - Wood, Lead, Rubber - 3:25 from 2010's Chateau Crone
Dresden Dolls - My Alcoholic Friends - 2:50 from 2006's Yes, Virginia...
Rasputina - Momma Was An Opium Smoker - 2:12 from 2005's A Radical Recital
Regina Spektor - Sailor Song - 3:15 from 2003's Soviet Kitsch
Lenka - The Show - 3:56 from 2008's Lenka

A House - You're Too Young - 3:26 from 1992's I Am The Greatest
Ben Phelps - The Prayer - 3:00 from 2011's New Ghost Town