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Playlist for May 24, 2011

THEME: Star Trek References in Song
Randy Newman - I Will Go Sailing No More - 2:54 from 1998's Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman
Adam Ant - Friends (Version 2) - 3:33 from 1982's B-Side Babies
Demetra - Beam Me Up Scotty - 3:43 from 2007's Demetra
Elliot Park - Anyway - 3:05 from 2011's Fly Boy
Teenage Fanclub - Sparky's Dream - 3:18 from 1995's Grand Prix
Jimmy Buffett - Boat Drinks - 2:39 from 1979's Volcano
Grandaddy (Jason Lytle) - Rear View Mirror - 6:08 from 2006's Just Like The Family Cat
Arrogant Worms - Great To Be A Nerd - 1:59 from 1999's Dirt!

Early 90's Weezer and present day Weezer sound a lot alike - power punk pop heavy on electric guitar. Rivers Cuomo the main songwriter in the group formed the band in Los Angeles after graduating from Harvard University. He's been through several incarnations with the band which included long breaks between releases until recently with a new recording every year for the past three years along with several solo albums. Weezer released eight albums since 1993.

Pork And Beans - 3:09 from 2008's Weezer (The Red Album)
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To - 3:29 from 2009's Raditude
Say It Ain't So - 4:19 from 1994's Weezer (The Blue Album)
Photograph - 2:19 from 2001's Weezer (The Green Album)
Memories - 3:14 from 2010's Hurley
The Good Life - 4:17 from 1996's Pinkerton
Hash Pipe - 3:07 from 2001's Weezer (The Green Album)

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside - Danger - 2:59 from 2011's Dirty Radio
Jonathan Richman - My Baby Love Love Loves Me - 3:11 from 2004's Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love
Jens Lekman - And I Remember Every Kiss - 2:59 from 2007's Night Falls Over Kortedala
Adam Green - Friends Of Mine - 2:50 from 2003's Friends Of Mine
Jane Siberry - The Sky Is So Blue - 4:05 from 1980's Jane Siberry
Twin Shadow - When We're Dancing - 4:12 from 2010's Forget
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go - 5:46 from 2007's Neon Bible

Little Scream - Red Hunting Jacket - 4:04 from 2011's The Golden Record
Disappear Fear - Why - 2:49 from 1996's Seed In The Sahara
Sarah Jaffe - Clementine - 4:49 from 2010's Suburban Nature
Holly Golightly - Won't Go Out - 3:35 from 2001's Singles Round-Up
Kelli Rae Powell - Some Bridges Are Good To Burn - 4:47 from 2009's New Words For Old Lullabies

Bob Dylan - You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go - 2:58 from 1975's Blood On The Tracks
Hollis Brown - Walk On Water - 2:42 from 2009's Hollis Brown