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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 28, 2011

THEME: A Good Erection
Sam Cooke - Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon/Chester Arthur Burnett) - 2:53 from 1963's Night Beat
Led Zeppelin - The Lemon Song - 6:19 from 1969's Led Zeppelin II
Marianne Faithfull - Why'd Ya Do It - 6:44 from 1979's Broken English
The Pretenders - Tattooed Love Boys - 2:59 from 1980's The Pretenders
Heavenly - Ben Sherman - 3:07 from 1996's Operation Heavenly
Liz Phair - H.W.C. - 2:56 from 2003's Liz Phair
Lord Creator - Big Bamboo - 2:38 from a 1964 single

Think of Singer/Songwriter Cass McCombs as a true world citizen. He speaks through his songs and that should be enough. Is there any sense in dissecting a person's private life anyway? He tours on a regular basis rarely speaking to the press. His music has a folk pop rock sound to it sometimes on the menacing and eerie side but frequently quite refreshing. Cass McCombs released five LPs and one EP since 2002.

Lionkiller - 4:31 from 2007's Dropping the Writ
Prima Donna - 4:53 from 2009's Catacombs
Bury Mary - 2:19 from 2005's PREfection
County Line - 5:37 from 2011's Wit's End
When The Bible Was Wrote - 4:06 from 2003's A
So Damn Pure - 3:33 from 2002's Not The Way
One Way To Go - 2:55 from 2009's Catacombs

These New Puritans - Hologram - 2:23 from 2010's Hidden
When Saints Go Machine - Church And Law - 4:52 from 2011's Konkylie
Wild Beasts - Hooting And Howling - 4:35 from 2009's Two Dancers
Antony & The Johnsons - Kiss My Name - 2:48 from 2009's The Crying Light
The Avett Brothers - Pretty Girl from San Diego - 3:53 from 2007's Emotionalism
Tilly and the Wall - Sing Songs Along - 3:43 from 2006's Bottoms Of Barrels
Michael Johnathon - Ballad Of Bojangles - 3:26 from 2010's Ravenwood

Alyssa Jayson - Guilty - 3:35 from 2009's Use as Needed
Kristen Allen-Zito - Just His Girlfriend - 2:16 from 2004's Helium
Katie McD - Could It Be You? - 3:34 from 2011's Angel Baby
Allison Geddie - Fixing Me - 3:25 from 2009's Everything You Don't See
Emilia Dahlin - Atalantas Hand - 3:15 from 2002's Stealing Glimpses

Death Cab For Cutie - Doors Unlocked And Open - 5:37 from 2011's Codes And Keys
Two Gallants - The Prodigal Son - 3:13 from 2006's What The Toll Tells