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Playlist for July 12, 2011

THEME: Talk The Talk
Arctic Monkeys - Black Treacle - 3:35 from 2011's Suck It And See
Green Day - Walking Contradiction - 2:31 from 1995's Insomniac
The Kills - Alphabet Pony - 1:45 from 2008's Midnight Boom
Wall Of Voodoo - Longarm - 3:45 from 1991's The Index Masters
King Crimson - Elephant Talk - 4:45 from 1981's Discipline
Poe - Walk the Walk - 4:50 from 2000's Haunted
Lou Reed - Walk And Talk It - 3:52 from 1975's Live!

Formed in 2007, The Cave Singers emerged out of the Seattle music scene as an acoustic trio. The rootsy, psychedelic folk rock sound of the band mixed with dark, brooding almost sinister rhythms and lyrics make for a decidedly gratifying listen. On the most recent recording the group begins to use more electric instruments nearly drifting into 16 Horsepower territory. The Cave Singers released three excellent albums over the past four years.

Haystacks - 3:18 from 2011's No Witch
Dancing On Our Graves - 3:24 from 2007's Invitation Songs
At The Cut - 3:02 from 2009's Welcome Joy
Black Leaf - 3:23 from 2011's No Witch
Leap - 3:50 from 2009's Welcome Joy
Seeds Of Night - 5:00 from 2007's Invitation Songs
No Prosecution If We Bail - 3:24 from 2011's No Witch

Oh Mercy - Met A Wizard - 3:41 from 2011's Privileged Woes
The Go-Betweens - Cassanova's Last Words - 2:41 from 1986's Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express
Richard Davies - Cantina - 4:19 from 1997's Telegraph
Fox Fagan - Wouldn't Change A Thing - 4:00 from 2009's Never Fall In Love With A Stranger
San Cisco - Spangled Streets - 2:32 from 2011's Golden Revolver
Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss - 3:56 from 2010's Innerspeaker
Stereoflower - The Cocaine Bebop - 3:46 from 2011's It's Alright, It's OK, Satellite Commander

Frente! - Jungle - 3:06 from 1996's Shape
Jezabels - Old Little Girls - 3:24 from 2009's The Man Is Dead
Tegan And Sara - My Number - 4:11 from 2000's This Business Of Art
Tami Hart - From Chapel Hill - 4:11 from 2002's What Passed Between Us
Kacey Johansing - Oh, Brother - 2:53 from 2010's Many Seasons

Old 97's - Bright Spark (See What I Mean) - 2:41 from 2011's The Grand Theatre Volume Two
Hank Williams III - I'm The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised (Borchers/Kemp/Vickery) - 4:42 from 2004's Touch My Heart - A Tribute To Johnny Paycheck