WMUH Radio
"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for July 26, 2011

THEME: Dog Days
Tracey Thorn - Nowhere Near - 3:08 from 2007's Out Of The Woods
Robert Earl Keen Jr. - Not A Drop Of Rain - 4:09 from 2001's Gravitational Forces
Josh Ritter - Still Beating - 3:50 from 2007's The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter
Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over - 4:13 from 2009's Lungs
Steve Brosky - Too Too Hot (Mike Krisukas) - 4:35 from 1995's Any Minute Now
It's a Beautiful Day - Hot Summer Day - 5:58 from 1969's It's a Beautiful Day
John Lennon - Old Dirt Road - 4:11 from 1974's Walls and Bridges

FEATURED ARTIST: I'm from Barcelona
Swedish collective I'm from Barcelona formed in 2005 with 29 members singing together and playing every available instrument. Emanuel Lundgren writes most of the songs and is the lead singer for the group. The songs may not all be happy and hopeful but they are mostly hooky, infectious pop tunes that could hit you high or low depending on your mood. I'm from Barcelona released three albums to date with several EPs that don't include some of the songs on the albums.

Always Spring - 3:11 from 2011's Forever Today
We're from Barcelona - 3:05 from 2007's Let Me Introduce My Friends
Mingus - 2:49 from 2008's Who Killed Harry Houdini?
Come On - 2:54 from 2011's Forever Today
Collection Of Stamps - 2:52 from 2007's Let Me Introduce My Friends
Paper Planes - 3:01 from 2008's Who Killed Harry Houdini?
The Painter - 3:23 from 2007's Let Me Introduce My Friends
Dr. Landy - 2:40 from 2011's Forever Today

The One AM Radio - Everyone But You - 3:17 from 2011's Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread
Lovers - No Regrets - 6:00 from 2010's Dark Light
William Ingrid - Move On - 3:54 from 2010's Where Are You?
The Acid House Kings - I Write Summer Songs For No Reason - 2:55 from 2005's Sing Along With Acid House Kings
Cornershop - My Dancing Days Are Done - 3:31 from 1995's Woman's Gotta Have It
Jonathan Richman - French Style - 3:18 from 1996's Surrender to Jonathan
Brothers Of Brazil - I Love The French - 2:38 from 2011's Brothers Of Brazil

Kate Klim - Kamikaze Love - 4:26 from 2011's Kamikaze Love
Regina Spektor - Love Affair - 2:22 from 2006's Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers And Other Short Stories
Crazy Mary - The Rain In Memphis - 3:01 from 2001's Burning Into The Spirit World
Azure Ray - Shouldn't Have Loved - 4:11 from 2010's Drawing Down The Moon
Heather Nova - Make You Mine - 4:57 from 1998's Siren

The Lonely H - Cold Blues - 2:55 from 2009's Concrete Class
Crash Test Dummies - When The Old Man Comes - 2:45 from 2011's Demo-Litions Cast-Off Recordings 1996-97