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Playlist for August 16, 2011

THEME: Dollar Up
Woody Guthrie - Do-Re-Mi - 2:34 from 2005's Folkways: The Original Vision
Vic Chesnutt - Cash - 2:42 from 2001's Left to His Own Devices
Patti Smith - Free Money - 3:52 from 1975's Horses
Zen For Primates - I Don't Want A Job - 4:24 from 1992's Albatross
Brothers Of Brazil - Take The Money And Run Away To Rio - 2:18 from 2011's Brothers Of Brazils
Wreckless Eric - Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.) - 3:44 from 1978's The Wonderful World of Wreckless Eric
Imaginary Johnny - Money Is Magic - 4:47 from 2011's Dig
Randy Newman - It's Money That Matters - 4:02 from 1988's Land Of Dreams

Robert Pollard formed Guided By Voices in 1983 as a Dayton, Ohio bar band. He is the principle singer/songwriter of the group. Their distinct sound lies somewhere between punk pop and progressive indie rock. Because the first five albums were self released, they pressed only a few hundred copies of each. Consequently, these and several albums put out in the early nineties are hard to find. Guided By Voices released 15 albums before disbanding in 2004, although there was a reunion tour last year.

Everywhere With Helicopter - 2:37 from 2002's Universal Truths And Cycles
Chasing Heather Crazy - 2:54 from 2001's Isolation Drills
Useless Inventions - 2:53 from 2003's Earthquake Glue
Hold On Hope - 3:31 from 1999's Do The Collapse
My Impression Now - 2:07 from 1994's Fast Japanese Spin Cycle
Hot Freaks - 1:43 from 1994's Bee Thousand
Sad If I Lost It - 3:10 from 1997's Mag Earwhig!
Teenage FBI - 2:54 from 1999's Do The Collapse
Window Of My World - 2:58 from 2004's Half Smiles Of The Decomposed

Gary Lucas & Gods And Monsters - Chime On - 3:59 from 2011's The Ordeal Of Civility
Guy Davis - Shortin' Bread - 2:34 from 2003's Chocolate To The Bone
Lucinda Williams - Pancakes - 3:57 from 1993's Born to Choose
Dave Van Ronk - Jelly Jelly (Billy Eckstine/Earl Hines) - 2:49 from 2004's ...And the Tin Pan Bended and the Story Ended...
Pentangle - Sally Go Round The Roses (Lona Stevens/Zelma "Zell" Sanders) - 3:38 from 1969's Basket Of Light
Espers - Colony - 4:19 from 2009's III
Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue - 3:42 from 2009's Ambivalence Avenue

Shenandoah Davis - Proof - 2:34 from 2011's The Company We Keep
Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Co. - 7:02 from 2010's Have One On Me
Ólof Arnalds - Klara - 2:29 from 2007's Vid Og Vid
Ohbijou - Wildfires - 3:51 from 2009's Beacons
Tiny Vipers - Shipwreck - 3:23 from 2007's Hands Across The Void

The Wallburds - Hourglass - 3:21 from 2010's The Wallburds
Brother Lou - Hey Jesus - 3:53 from 2008's As Good As You Want