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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for October 4, 2011

THEME: Woody Guthrie Tribute
Ellis Paul & Vance Gilbert - This Morning I Am Born Again (Guthrie/Slaid Cleaves) - 4:25 from 2003's Side Of The Road
Hope Machine - Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie) - 4:43 from 2010's Big Green
The Duhks - Pretty Boy Floyd/Stoney Point (Woody Guthrie/Traditional) - 3:42 from 2002's Your Daughters & Your Sons
SONiA & Disappear Fear - Worried Man Blues (Woody Guthrie) - 3:19 from 2010's Blood, Bones & Baltimore
Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Talkin' Fishin' (Woody Guthrie) - 3:41 from 1997's Kerouac's Last Dream
Billy Bragg - 12345678 (Woody Guthrie) - 2:04 from 2002's England, Half English [Bonus Disc]
Ani DiFranco - Do Re Me [live] w/Gillian Welch (Woody Guthrie) - 3:12 from 2000's Swing Set
Eliza Gilkyson - Peace Call (Woody Guthrie) - 3:53 from 2004's Land Of Milk And Honey

Guitar goddess Kaki King resides in Brooklyn after traveling there to attend New York University from the Atlanta area. She began performing as a percussionist at a young age before settling on the guitar as her instrument of choice. Her talents were honed busking in the subways of NYC. Her inventive, experimental technique has garnered her many accolades over the years. Kaki King released five albums since 2003.

The Betrayer - 3:55 from 2010's Junior
Yellowcake - 2:51 from 2006's ... Until We Felt Red
Carmine St. - 3:15 from 2003's Everybody Loves You
Life Being What It Is - 4:00 from 2008's Dreaming Of Revenge
Death Head - 4:14 from 2010's Junior
Playing With Pink Noise - 3:02 from 2004's Legs to Make Us Longer
Pull Me Out Alive - 3:45 or 2 O'Clock - 5:50 from 2008's Dreaming Of Revenge

Marissa Nadler - Little King - 3:59 from 2011's Marissa Nadler
Devendra Banhart - Sea Horse w/Vashti Bunyan - 8:02 from 2007's Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
Fleet Foxes - Sun It Rises - 3:11 from 2008's Fleet Foxes
Local Natives - Camera Talk - 3:45 from 2010's Gorilla Manor
Grouplove - Betty's A Bombshell - 3:35 from 2011's Never Trust A Happy Song
Yeasayer - Madder Red - 4:04 from 2010's Odd Blood

The Pack A.D. - Pieces - 4:12 from 2011's Unpersons
Shannon Curfman - No Riders - 3:30 from 1999's Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions
Giant Drag - This Isn't It - 3:03 from 2005's Hearts And Unicorns
Crush Molly Sunshine - Pretty Me - 4:17 from 1998's Plastic Mother EP
Dum Dum Girls - Just A Creep - 2:57 from 2011's Only In Dreams

Smart Brown Handbag - Baseball Season - 4:39 from 2004's The Big Sigh
Freakwater - Little Black Train (Woody Guthrie) - 2:08 from 1995's Old Paint