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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for October 11, 2011

THEME: Gimme A Beer
David Viner - Beer Belly - 3:38 from 2003's Mr. David Viner
Calexico - Corona (Minutemen - Dennis Boon) - 3:21 from 2003's Feast of Wire
Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon - 5:03 from 1993's Mexican Moon
Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon - Beer Drinking Woman - 2:30 from 2003's Smithsonian Folkways Classic Blues
Asylum Street Spankers - Beer - 3:50 from 2008's What? And Give Up Show Biz?
Weezer - Say It Ain't So - 4:18 from 1994's Weezer (The Blue Album)
Camper Van Beethoven - (We're A) Bad Trip - 2:31 from 1986's II & III
Devastating Karate - Yuengling - 2:17 from 2011's Pajarito Plateau

FEATURED ARTIST: Blitzen Trapper
Portland, Oregon is a hot bed for the modern folk sound. Blitzen Trapper gathered much praise from critics in that city with the release of their self titled first album. Eric Earley writes most of the group's songs flirting with a psychedelic folk pop sound influenced by southern rock. The six man band self released their progressively better first three CDs. Blitzen Trapper released six albums since forming in 2003.

Might Find It Cheap - 3:13 from 2011's American Goldwing
Asleep For Days - 3:14 from 2005's Field Rexx
The Tree w/Alela Diane - 3:35 from 2010's Destroyer Of The Void
Futures & Folly - 2:14 from 2007's Wild Mountain Nation
Furr - 4:07 from 2008's Furr
My Home Town - 2:39 from 2011's American Goldwing
Wild Mountain Nation - 2:42 from 2007's Wild Mountain Nation
Heaven And Earth - 3:44 from 2010's Destroyer Of The Void

Apocalypse Five And Dime - Let Me Go - 5:00 from 2011's Sweet Sweetness
Dark Dark Dark - That Light - 3:30 from 2008's The Snow Magic
Katzenjammer - Hey Ho On The Devil's Back - 3:50 from 2010's Le Pop
Blind Willies - Don't Let The Devil Steal Your Joy - 3:17 from 2011's Needle, Feather, And A Rope
Computer Perfection - Sans Soleil - 3:28 from 2009's We Wish You Well On Your Way to Hell
Owl City - The Saltwater Room - 4:55 from 2008's Maybe I'm Dreaming
T. Rex - Mystic Lady - 3:09 from 1972's The Slider

Pieta Brown - I'm Gone - 2:21 from 2011's Mercury
Lucinda Williams - I Lost It - 3:31 from 1998's Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Louise Mosrie - God Lives In Arkansas - 3:58 from 2010's Home
Linda Thompson - Dear Mary - 3:30 from 2002's Fashionably Late
Headless Heroes - Blues Run The Game (Jackson C. Frank) - 3:00 from 2008's The Silence Of Love

Middle Brother - Daydreaming - 4:50 from 2011's Middle Brother
Youth Lagoon - Cannons - 3:45 from 2011's The Year Of Hibernation