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Playlist for November 15, 2011

THEME: Oz Songs
America - Tin Man (Live) - 3:48 from 2007's Hear And Now
Paula Cole - Tiger - 4:18 from 1996's This Fire
Janet Bates - Not In Kansas Anymore - 3:56 from 2009's The Little Spinner
The Felice Brothers - Don't Wake The Scarecrow - 4:57 from 2008's The Felice Brothers
The Avett Brothers - Tin Man - 3:08 from 2009's I And Love And You
Alana Davis - Crazy - 5:10 from 1997's Blame It On Me
XTC - Merely A Man - 3:27 from 1989's Oranges & Lemons

Nebraska native Tim Kasher is best know for his singer/songwriter capabilities for the rock group Cursive. But, early this millennium he formed another band called The Good Life as an outlet for his mellower songs. It began as a solo project but quickly morphed into a full scale modern folk rock group. The latter two CDs boost quite a few guest musicians from the Saddle Creek label. The Good Life released four full length albums since 2000.

Lovers Need Lawyers - 2:41 from 2004's Album Of The Year
Heartbroke - 1:56 from 2007's Help Wanted Nights
What We Fall For When We're Already Down - 2:42 from 2000's Novena On A Noctourne
Don't Make Love So Hard - 6:28 from 2002's Black Out
Entertainer - 2:32 from 2004's Lovers Need Lawyers EP
Playing Dumb - 2:17 from 2007's Help Wanted Nights
Album Of The Year - 5:10 from 2004's Album Of The Year

Owen Pallett - A Man With No Ankles - 4:20 from 2010's A Swedish Love Story
Laminated Cat - Girl With No Soul Song - 5:05 from 2009's Umbrella Weather
Drive-By Truckers - Women Without Whiskey - 4:19 from 2001's Southern Rock Opera
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Yellow Brick Road - 2:27 from 1967's Safe As Milk
Seth Augustus - Slim Sam - 3:35 from 2010's To The Pouring Rain
Starling Electric - Camp-Fire - 3:19 from 2006's Clouded Staircase
Delta Saints - Train Song - 4:32 from 2009's Pray On EP

Me'Shell Ndegéocello aka Michelle Johnson - Chance - 3:33 from 2011's Weather
Amy Winehouse - He Can Only Hold Her - 2:46 from 2006's Back To Black (Deluxe Edition)
Big Brother & the Holding Company - Roadblock - 5:33 from 1968's Cheap Thrills
Reneé Austin - Bugs (Bobbie Gentry) - 2:54 from 2005's Right About Love
Marcia Ball - That's How It Goes - 3:45 from 2011's Roadside Attractions

Fourth of July - Why Did I Drink So Much Last Night? - 1:23 from 2007's Fourth of July on the Plains
The Devil Makes Three - They Call That Religion (Mississippi Sheiks) - 3:19 from 2011's Stomp And Smash