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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for November 22, 2011

THEME: Poetry In Song
The Jones Family - Rattlin' Roarin' Willie [Robert Burns] - 1:15 from 2002's Unquiet
Nickel Creek - Sweet Afton [Robert Burns] - 5:37 from 2000's Nickel Creek
John Vanderslice - Pale Horse [Percy Bysshe Shelley] - 2:40 from 2004's Cellar Door
Norman & Nancy Blake - Silence Or Tears (Lord Byron/Tom Gray) - 3:20 from 2005's Just Gimme Somethin' I'm Used To
The Long Lost - Colour [Christina Rossetti] - 3:48 from 2009's The Long Lost
Björk - Sun In My Mouth [e.e. cummings] - 2:40 from 2001's Vespertine
Quakers On Probation - I Know A Woman - 3:31 [Theodore Roethke] from 2010's Every Living Thing
Sparklehorse - London [William Blake] - 3:01 from 2001's Chest Full Of Dying Hawks
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez - The Owl And The Pussycat [Edward Lear] - 3:52 from 2008's Why Is Bear Billowing?

FEATURED ARTIST: My Brightest Diamond
Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden gave herself the moniker My Brightest Diamond sometime in 2003 after performing regularly as Awry. She Grow up in a Detroit suburb and studied opera at a Texas university. Her music style leans toward experimental Folk Pop with her exquisite operatic voice imparting heart felt emotion to her songs. My Brightest Diamond released three solo albums, several EPs and lent her voice to a solo project by Sarah Kirkland Snider.

Be Brave - 4:17 from 2011's All Things Will Unwind
Golden Star - 2:56 from 2006's Bring Me The Workhorse
Inside a Boy - 3:44 from 2008's A Thousand Shark's Teeth
Circe And The Hanged Man (Sarah Kirkland Snider) - 4:16 from 2010's Penelope
Freak Out - 3:33 from 2006's Bring Me The Workhorse
There's A Rat - 4:09 from 2011's All Things Will Unwind

Atlas Sound - Mona Lisa - 3:06 from 2011's Parallax
MK Ultra - That Strange Flower, The Sun [Wallace Stevens] - 2:55 from 1993's MK Ultra
Billy Bragg - A Pict Song [Rudyard Kipling] - 4:55 from 1996's William Bloke
John Cale - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night [Dylan Thomas] - 5:34 from 1989's Words For The Dying
fuck -:58 Owen - No Place Like Home - 4:44 from 2011's Ghost Town
Now, Now Every Children - Little Brother - 3:26 from 2009's Cars
Bombadil - The Pony Express - 3:24 from 2011's All That The Rain Promises

Erica Smith - Now Westlin Winds [Robert Burns] - 5:07 from 2001's Erica Smith
Jolie Holland - Wandering Angus [William Butler Yeats] - 3:59 from 2003's Catalpa
Kate MacLeod & Kat Eggleston - Rantin' Rovin' Robin (Robert Burns) - 5:07 from 2011's Lost And Found
Dani McHenry - Thanksgiving Song - 3:16 from 2011's It's In you

Wes Swing - In A Station Of The Metro [Ezra Pound] - 4:20 from 2010's Through A Fogged Glass
O'Death - Jesus Look Down - 4:36 from 2007's Head Home