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Playlist for February 21, 2012

THEME: Golden Gate Bridge Songs
Judy Garland - San Francisco - 3:43 from 1961's San Francisco With Fond Memories
Sparks - Madonna - 4:38 from 1988's Interior Design
Dan Bern - Tiger Woods - 3:31 from 1998's Fifty Eggs
Rose Melberg - Golden Gate Bridge - 2:33 from 1998's Portola
The Handsome Family - Weightless Again - 3:38 from 1998's Through The Trees
David Dondero - Double Murder Ballad Suicide - 10:22 from 2007's Simple Love

Julian Casablancas and the Strokes shot to fame with the release of their first and still best album back in the beginning of the last decade. The New York City band is often credited with reviving the faded punk rock movement. They are certainly rockers but melodic tunes abound on the recordings. The Strokes released four studio CDs since 2001. They recently announced plans for another album.

Someday - 3:07 from 2001's Is This It
Under Cover Of Darkness - 3:57 from 2010's Angles
You Only Live Once - 3:09 from 2006's First Impressions of Earth
12:51 - 2:33 from 2003's Room on Fire
Hard To Explain - 3:48 from 2001's Is This It
Machu Picchu - 3:32 from 2010's Angles
The End Has No End - 3:08 from 2003's Room on Fire
Modern Girls And Old Fashioned Men w/Regina Spektor - 3:39 from 2004's Reptilia Single

Page France - Mr. Violin And Dancing Bear - 3:58 from 2007's Page France And The Family Telephone
Gothic Archies - When You Play The Violin - 3:53 from 2006's The Tragic Treasury: Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events
They Might Be Giants - Violin - 2:27 from 2002's No!
Levellers - One Way - 4:08 from 1992's Levelling The Land
Ben Folds - Trusted - 4:09 from 2008's Songs For Silverman
Cake - Friend Is A For Letter Word - 3:22 from 1996's Fashion Nugget
Gossip - Listen Up! - 4:18 from 2006's Standing In The Way Of Control

Heartless Bastards - Parted Ways - 4:58 from 2012's Arrow
Miss Derringer - Black Tears - 3:47 from 2009's Winter Hill
Karen Elson - Pretty Babies - 3:25 from 2010's The Ghost Who Walks
Abby Ray - Felony One - 3:53 from 2010's The Naked Truth
Joan Osborne - St. Teresa - 5:22 from 1995's Relish

Dr. Dog - Over Here, Over There - 4:01 from 2012's Be The Void