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Playlist for March 6, 2012

THEME: Final Words
Tears For Fears - Mad World - 3:31 from 1983's The Hurting
John Cale - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night - 5:34 from 1989's Words For The Dying
Sarah Brightman w/Richard Marx - The Last Words You Said - 4:10 from 1998's Eden
Prefab Sprout - Michael - 3:04 from 1990's Jordan: The Comeback
Joan Baez - Henry Russell's Last Words - 3:37 from 2008's Day After Tomorrow
Dreaming In Stereo - Music All Around Me (Dudley Moore's Last Words) - 3:10 from 2012's Dreaming In Stereo 2
Paul McCartney - Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me) - 5:51 from 1973's Band On The Run

FEATURED ARTIST: Kathleen Edwards
Ottawa, Canada native Kathleen Edwards recorded a six song EP in 1999 launching her musical career. Her soprano vocals augment the folk rock leaning alternative country sound. She busked in Quebec than began touring all over Canada polishing her singular talent. To date, Kathleen Edwards released four full length albums, a live CD plus a bunch of EPs.

Change The Sheets - 4:31 from 2012's Voyageur
Back To Me - 3:31 from 2005's Back To Me
Six O'Clock News - 4:28 from 2003's Failer
I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory - 4:37 from 2008's Asking For Flowers
Westby - 2:27 from 2003's Failer
Mint - 4:53 from 2012's Voyageur
The Cheapest Key - 2:42 from 2008's Asking For Flowers

Mark Brine - Winter Snow - 3:07 from 2011's The Carol And The True Folk Legend Of Jack Frost
Michael Johnathon - Front Porch Swing - 2:11 from 2012's Front Porch
Wilco - Hell Is Chrome - 4:38 from 2007's A Ghost Is Born
Wild Sweet Orange - Tilt - 4:20 from 2008's We Have Cause To Be Uneasy
Rilo Kiley - The Moneymaker - 2:51 from 2007's Under The Blacklight
The Cars - Moving in Stereo - 5:15 from 1978's The Cars
Death Cab for Cutie - Long Division - 3:20 from 2008's Narrow Stairs

The Staves - Icarus - 3:16 from 2012's Mexico EP
Jasmine Ash - Fall - 3:32 from 2004's From Grey To Blue
Donora - I Think I Like You - 2:21 from 2010's Donora
Sharon Van Etten - One Day - 4:44 from 2010's Epic
Julie Peel - Once More With Feeling - 3:58 from 2009's Near The Sun

New Country Rehab - Angel Of Death - 2:52 from 2012's New Country Rehab
Pujol - Tiny Gods (Singularity) - 1:42 from 2011's Nasty, Brutish, And Short
Bicycle - Oh Jesus I'm Dying - 1:46 from 1999's Bicycle