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Playlist for April 10, 2012

THEME: Titanic Tunes
Harry Chapin - Dance Band On The Titanic - 5:11 from 1977's Dance Band On The Titanic
Bill Jackson - Titanic Blues (Traditional) - 3:35 from 1963's Long Steel Rail
Bruce Springsteen - Terry's Song - 4:11 from 2007's Magic
Damien Jurado - Like Titanic - 3:26 from 2002's I Break Chairs
Billy Bragg - Richard - 2:50 from 1983's Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy
Josh Ritter - Rumors - 3:31 from 2007's The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter
Whiskeytown - Captain Smith - 2:10 from 1997's Rural Free Delivery
Pink Anderson - When That Great Ship Went Down (Traditional) - 2:52 from 2006's Classic African American Ballads

Born in Queens, New York City, Melanie Safka had a penchant for the limelight at an early age. As a kid she sang on a local radio talent show then performed in clubs in Greenwich Village during her college days. She also appeared at Woodstock Festival in 1969. Her music style leans solidly in the folk pop category. Melanie released a few dozen albums over the past 45 years and continues to record today.

Cyclone - 4:12 from 1976's Photograph
Baby Day - 3:43 from 1971's Gather Me
I Really Loved Harold - 4:11 from 1968's Born To Be
Bitter Bad - 3:04 from 1973's Live At Carnegie Hall
Do You Believe? - 5:23 from 1972's Stoneground Words
What Have They Done To My Song Ma - 4:05 from 1970's Candles In The Rain
God's Only Daughter - 2:34 from 1973's Please Love Me

The Dotted Eyes - You And Me - 4:13 from 2012's Wondering & Worrying
The Mastersons - Crash Test - 3:05 from 2012's Birds Fly South
Prinzhorn Dance School - I Want You - 3:47 from 2012's Clay Class
You Knew Me When - Home - 2:34 from 2012's You Knew Me When
Iron & Wine - No Moon - 4:16 from 2009's Around The Well
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Dialtone - 3:32 from 2004's Every Night
Weezer - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To - 3:29 from 2009's Raditude

La Sera - I'm Alone - 2:35 from 2012's Sees The Light
Blondie - Sunday Girl - 3:03 from 1978's Parallel Lines
Magic Wands - Teenage Love - 3:17 from 2009's Magic Love & Dreams EP
The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Following - 3:52 from 2012's Form & Control
Lissy Trullie - Boy Boy - 3:27 from 2009's Self-Taught Learner
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Later Operator - 2:27 from 2002's All Girl Summer Fun Band

Mark Lanegan - Deep Black Vanishing Train - 3:09 from 2012's Blues Funeral
Cowboy Junkies - The Slide - 3:49 from 2004's One Soul Now