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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for April 17, 2012

THEME: Lazy Bones
Kinks - Sunny Afternoon - 3:32 from 1966's Face to Face
Of Montreal - Doing Nothing - 3:23 from 2002's Aldhils Arboretum
Green Day - Sassafras Roots - 2:37 from 1994's Dookie
Field Music - Them That Do Nothing - 3:09 from 2010's Measure
Caravan Of Thieves - I Don't Wanna - 3:08 from 2012's The Funhouse
Grey Anne - Superlazy - 3:54 from 2008's Facts N Figurines
They Might Be Giants - Lazyhead and Sleepybones - 3:28 from 2004's No!
Louis Armstrong - That Lucky Old Sun [Haven Gillespie/Beasley Smith] - 3:07 from 1949's Highlights From His Decca Years
Leon Redbone - Lazybones (Johnny Mercer/Hoagy Carmichael) - 3:06 from 1975's On The Track

A Washington state native, Mark Lanegan began his long career with The Screaming Trees in 1985. He also was part of Queens Of The Stone Age and The Gutter Twins, collaborated with Isobell Campbell and contributed to the recording of various other artists. He has a deep, bluesy baritone voice that perfectly in synch with his somber folksy blues rock style. Mark Lanegan released seven solo albums since 1990.

The Gravedigger's Song - 3:46 from 2012's Blues Funeral
Methamphetamine Blues - 3:17 from 2003's Here Comes That Weird Chill
Carnival - 3:41 from 1994's Whiskey For The Holy Ghost
Shiloh Town (Tim Hardin) - 3:22 from 1999's I'll Take Care Of You
Hit The City w/P.J. Harvey - 2:49 from 2004's Bubblegum
Harborview Hospital - 4:34 from 2012's Blues Funeral
Don't Forget Me - 3:14 from 2001's Field Songs

Vacationer - Trip - 2:53 from 2012's Gone
Big Blue Spruce - Only Break - 3:59 from 2010's Short Story Long
The Spinning Leaves And Hezekiah Jones - The Crab Song - 3:31 from 2011's Hezekiah Leaves & The Spinning Joneses
The Lilys - Ginger - 5:34 from 2006's A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns
Espers - Tomorrow (Vini Reilly - The Duruth Column) - 4:07 from 2009's The Weed Tree
mewithoutYou - Fig With A Bellyache - 3:31 from 2009's It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright
Alec Ounsworth - Me And You, Watson - 3:41 from 2009's Mo Beaty

Sharon Van Etten - Serpents - 3:02 from 2012's Tramp
Aimee Mann - Save Me - 4:35 from 1999's Magnolia Soundtrack
Linda Draper - Sharks And Royalty - 3:14 from 2009's Bridge And Tunnel
A Camp - Algebra - 3:33 from 2001's A Camp
Christine Fellows - Antipodes - 3:30 from 2011's Femmes De Chez Nous

The Eels - Flyswatter - 3:21 from 2000's Daisies Of The Galaxy
The Jayhawks - Say Your Prayers - 3:32 from 2003's More Rain