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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for May 8, 2012

THEME: Europe
Randy Newman - The Great Nations Of Europe - 3:26 from 1999's Bad Love
The Beautiful South - Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) - 3:37 from 1997's Blue Is The Colour
The Rentals - Barcelona w/Maya Rudolph - 4:05 from 1999's Seven More Minutes
The Divine Comedy - In and Out in Paris and London - 3:27 from 1996's Casanova
Babyshambles - Albion - 4:10 from 2004's Down in Albion
Regina Spektor - Dusseldorf - 3:12 from 2006's Begin to Hope [Bonus Tracks]
Cracker - Euro-Trash Girl - 8:06 from 1992's Tucson

Hawaiian singer/songwriter Jack Johnson first became famous as a surfer dude. After a serious accident music enveloped his life. His style leans toward acoustic folk pop with many tunes having a distinct reggae backbeat. As an environmentalist he organized an island festival that has raised over a millions dollars for the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. To date, Jack Johnson released five studio albums, one soundtrack and two live CDs.

You And Your Heart - 3:13 from 2010's To The Sea
Better Together - 3:28 from 2005's In Between Dreams
Mediocre Bad Guys - 3:00 from 2003's On and On
Upside Down - 3:29 from 2006's Sing-A-Longs And Lullabies For The Film Curious George
If I Had Eyes - 3:59 from 2008's Sleep Through The Static
Red Wine, Mistakes, Mytholgy - 4:03 from 2010's To The Sea
Bubble Toes - 3:56 from 2001's Brushfire Fairytales

Here We Go Magic - How Do I Know - 4:30 from 2012's A Different Ship
Justin Kline - Alison, We Cannot Be Friends - 2:38 from 2010's Triangle/Six Songs
Walking Sleep - As A Volunteer - 4:07 from 2010's Measures
Salim Nourallah - Unstoppable - 3:15 from 2012's Hit Parade
Maria Taylor - Speak Easy - 3:32 from 2005's 11:11
The Eels - Lilac Breeze - 2:36 from 2009's Hombre Lobo
John Hiatt - All The Lilacs In Ohio - 3:37 from 2001's The Tiki Bar Is Open

Metric - Help I'm Alive - 4:46 from 2009's Fantasies
Calm Paradox - Boots - 2:54 from 2011's How To Mind
Land Of Talk - Got A Call - 4:19 from 2008's Some Are Lakes
The Grates - Moving On - 4:18 from 2011's Secret Rituals
B-52s - Roam - 4:55 from 1989's Cosmic Thing

Facts On File - The Other Side - 2:09 from 2012's Facts On File
Bishop Allen - Walk On By - 2:51 from 2006's July EP