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Playlist for May 15, 2012

THEME: Margaret
Camera Obscura - Come Back Margaret - 3:48 from 2006's Let's Get Out Of This Country
The Knitters - Little Margaret (Traditional) - 3:06 from 2005's The Modern Sounds of the Knitters
Jill Sobule - Margaret - 3:12 from 1995's Jill Sobule
The Kinks - Dear Margaret - 3:27 from 1989's UK Jive
Stella Schindler - Poor Margaret In The Dark - 4:44 from 2008's Distant Hum
Nanci Griffith - There's a Light Beyond These Woods - 4:25 from 1991's A Portrait Of An Artist
Jules Shear - The Judge And Margaret Brady - 2:34 from 2000's Allow Me
Steve Goodman - The Dutchman (Michael Smith) - 4:20 from 1973's Somebody Else's Troubles

Based in Brooklyn, NYC, Bishop Allen is the songwriting team of Justin Rice and Christian Rudder along with Darbie Rice Nowatka who plays keyboards and occasionally sings. The guys met while attending Harvard University naming their band after a street that runs through the college town. They have a highly melodic sound which many people call twee pop or sunshine pop. Since 2003, Bishop Allen released three albums and 12 EPs.

Dimmer - 2:46 from 2009's Grrr...
Click, Click, Click, Click - 3:08 from 2007's The Broken String
The Monitor - 3:40 from 2006's March EP
Like Castanets - 3:15 from 2006's September EP
Corazon - 4:43 from 2001's January EP
Things Are What You Make Of Them - 3:57 from 2003's Charm School
True Or False - 2:40 from 2009's Grrr...
The News From Your Bed - 2:35 from 2006's February EP

Diamond Rugs - Gimme A Beer - 3:12 from 2012's Diamond Rugs
Middle Brother - Middle Brother - 3:13 from 2011's Middle Brother
Deer Tick (John McCauley III) - Twenty Miles - 3:44 from 2010's The Black Dirt Sessions
Those Darlin's (proposed to Nikki) - Screws Get Loose - 3:46 from 2011's Screws Get Loose
Elliott Smith - Stick Man - 4:24 from 2004's From A Basement On The Hill Sessions (Unofficially Released)
Modest Mouse - Baby Blue Sedan - 4:04 from 2000's Building Nothing Out Of Something
Willis Earl Beal - Evening's Kiss - 3:19 from 2012's Acoustmatic Sorcery

Liz Phair - Never Said - 3:16 from 1993's Exile In Guyville
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl - 2:43 from 1994's Pussy Whipped
Veruca Salt - Forsythia - 4:45 from 1994's American Thighs
The Breeders - Cannonball - 3:34 from 1993's Last Splash
Cake Like - Suck - 3:26 from 1994's Delicious

Buffalo Tom - Under Milkwood - 3:50 from 1998's Smitten
The Damn Choir - Noah - 3:00 from 2012's You're My Secret Called Fire