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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for May 29, 2012

THEME: Lost All Your Money
Randy Newman - Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man) - 2:45 from 1974's Good Old Boys
The Alan Parsons Project - I Don't Wanna Go Home - 4:56 from 1980's Turn Of A Friendly Card
The Replacements - I'll Buy - 3:25 from 1985's Tim
Ani Difranco w/Gillian Welch - Do Re Me (Woody Guthrie) - 3:14 from 2000's Swing Set
Johnny Young - All My Money Gone - 3:01 from 1994's Johnny Young and His Friends
RJ Mischo - Make It Good - 3:47 from 2012's Make It Good
Woods - Broke - 2:47 from 2006's How To Survive In + In The Woods
Townes Van Zandt - Marie - 4:45 from 1994's No Deeper Blue

Essentially, the Pretenders are Chrissie Hynde. She writes most of the original tunes, sings and plays guitar for the group. She was born in Akron, Ohio but moved to London forming the Pretenders in 1978. They have a new wave sound which is just another one of the endless twist on rock music. To date, the Pretenders released nine studio albums.

Brass In Pocket - 3:04 from 1980's Pretenders
Cuban Slide - 4:29 from 1981's Extended Play
The Adultress - 3:59 from 1981's Pretenders II
Private Life - 6:25 from 1980's Pretenders
I Hurt You - 4:27 from 1984's Learning to Crawl
When I Change My Life - 3:39 from 1986's Get Close

Crystal Fighters - Plage - 3:51 from 2012's Star Of Love
Local Natives - Wide Eyes - 4:27 from 2010's Gorilla Manor
Little Comets - Dancing Song - 2:30 from 2011's In Search Of Elusive Little Comets
Vampire Weekend - Horchata - 3:27 from 2010's Contra
Drawn From Bees - The East Wood Fox - 4:30 from 2011's Cautionary Tales For The Lionhearted
The Grates - Aw Yeah - 2:42 from 2009's Teeth Lost, Hearts Won
I Heart Hiroshima - Punks - 3:36 from 2007's Tuff Teef

Gossip - Horns - 3:45 from 2012's A Joyful Noise
Goldfrapp - Rocket - 3:51 from 2010's Head First
The Ting Tings - Fruit Machine - 2:55 from 2008's We Started Nothing
Quitzow - Cherry Blossom - 3:29 from 2010's Juice Water
The Blow - True Affection - 3:23 from 2006's Paper Television

Mac Larson - Count The Days - 2:42 from 2012's She Shot Me
The Kinks - Dead End Street - 3:21 from a 1966 single