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Playlist for August 7, 2012

THEME: Toy Piano Songs
They Might Be Giants - O We - 0:48 from 2011's They Might Be Giants Album Raises New And Troubling Questions
Warren Zevon - Piano Fighter - 3:53 from 1995's Mutineer
Yann Tiersen - Frida - 1:32 from 1995's La Valse des Monstres
Ben Lee - Catch My Disease - 4:16 from 2005's Awake Is the New Sleep
Twink - Rocket Pop - 3:12 from 2007's Ice Cream Truckin'
Vampire Weekend - Taxi Cab - 3:56 from 2010's Contra
Pram - Dead Piano - 3:42 from 1997's Gash
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Sunshine and Clouds (And Everything Proud) - 1:02 from 2005's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Flight Of The Conchords - If You're into It - 1:45 from 2007's The Distant Future
The Boy Least Likely To - Rock Upon A Porch With You - 3:59 from 2006's Bits Of The Best College Radio Party Ever

In the early nineties, the Tiger Lillies emerged out of England as a trio of cabaret musicians who play musical saws, accordions, pianos, ukuleles and more in a Gypsy punk pop style. Falsetto crooner Martyn Jacques writes his songs about the underside of life getting quite disturbing at times. The three-piece band concerts are more like spectacular off Broadway shows. The Tiger Lillies released nearly three dozen albums since 1994 sometimes offering two in the same year.

Living Hell - 4:08 from 2012's Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Bully Boys - 2:21 from 1999's Shockheaded Peter
Start A Fire - 2:13 from 2004's Bad Blood & Blasphemy
Whore - 2:27 from 1995's Ad Nauseam
Dreams - 2:30 from 2009's Freakshow
Why Am I Alone? w/The Kronos Quartet - 3:31 from 2004's Punch And Judy
Luis - 2:44 from 2002's The Sea
Weeping Chandelier - 2:53 from 2003's The Gorey End
Terrible - 2:20 from 1998's The Brothel To The Cemetery
Hell - 2:19 from 1994's Births, Marriages and Deaths

Ormonde - Sudden Bright - 5:00 from 2012's Machine
The Walkmen - We've Been Had - 3:22 from 2002's Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone
Old Canes - Little Bird Courage - 4:12 from 2009's Feral Harmonic
Luke Jordan - Church Bell Blues - 3:16 from 1927's Church Bell Blues Single
The Devil Makes Three - Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie McTell) - 3:24 from 2009's Do Wrong Right
Rory Gallagher - Bullfrog Blues (William Harris) - 5:39 from 2011's Notes From San Francisco

Missy Higgins - All In My Head - 3:44 from 2012's The Ol' Razzle Dazzle
Eliza Rickman - Black Rose - 2:58 from 2012's O, You Sinners
Pony Up! - Toy Piano - 2:18 from 2005's Pony Up! EP
CocoRosie - Lemonade - 5:16 from 2010's Grey Oceans
The Dresden Dolls - Good Day - 5:51 from 2004's The Dresden Dolls

The Eels - Fresh Feeling - 3:38 from 2001's Souljacker
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible - 2:19 from 2007's Neon Bible