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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for November 13, 2012

THEME: Philadelphia Folks
Robert Sarazin Blake - I Didn't Call You From Philadelphia - 16:42 from 2011's Put It All Down In A Letter
Standard Fare - Philadelphia - 3:36 from 2010's The Noyelle Beat
Woody Guthrie - Philadelphia Lawyer - 2:32 from 1997's This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings
Casey Neill - Philadelphia Girl - 3:13 from 2007's Brooklyn Bridge
The Wild Colonials - Philadelphia Story - 4:52 from 1994's Fruit Of Life

FEATURED ARTIST: The Wood Brothers
The singer/songwriter duo, The Wood Brothers, grew up in Colorado then went their separate ways on a true musical journey. Chris Wood formed the band Medeski, Martin & Wood in New York City while Oliver Wood toured the South in a group called King Johnson. Their music has a rootsy feel that blends blues, folk, jazz and rock music in an catchy, almost poppy arrangement. The Wood Brothers released three original albums, a CD of cover songs and two live disks since 2005.

When I Was Young - 3:48 from 2011's Smoke Ring Halo
Postcards From Hell - 4:44 from 2008's Loaded
Luckiest Man - 3:53 from 2006's Ways Not To Lose
Payday (Mississippi John Hurt) - 3:34 from 2012's Live, Volume 1 Sky High
Atlas - 4:11 from 2012's Live, Volume 2 Nail & Tooth
Lovin' Arms - 3:20 from 2008's Loaded
Shoofly Pie - 3:56 from 2011's Smoke Ring Halo

Tom Waits - Romeo Is Bleeding - 4:53 from 1978's Blue Valentine
Mutts - So Many, So Many - 2:06 from 2012's Separation Anxiety
Rick Shaffer - One More Heartache - 2:40 from 2012's Idiot Flats
Mister Heavenly - Your Girl - 2:27 from 2011's Out Of Love
Frontier Ruckus - Dark Autumn Hour - 3:30 from 2008's The Orion Songbook
Bowerbirds - Tuck The Darkness In - 4:50 from 2012's The Clearing
Passion Pit - Make Light - 4:56 from 2009's Manners

Dark Dark Dark - Tell Me - 4:13 from 2012's Who Needs Who
Apocalypse Five And Dime - Love Life - 3:40 from 2011's Ballads For The End Times
Chop Chop - Play - 3:07 from 2008's Screens
Joanna Burns - Philadelphia - 5:00 from 2009's Music From & Inspired By

Mark Knopfler - Sailing To Philadelphia w/James Taylor - 5:30 from 2000's Sailing To Philadelphia
John Wesley Harding - Our Lady Of The Highways w/Steve Earle - 3:41 from 2000's The Confessions Of St. Ace