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Playlist for December 18, 2012

THEME: Here Comes The End Of The Age
Shayfer James - Diggin' Up Hatchets - 3:58 from 2011's Counterfeit Arcade
Ramon And Jessica - At The Beginning Of The End Of The Empire - 2:34 from 2012's Fly South
Owls - Apocalypse - 2:32 from 2007's Daughters And Suns
The Kinks - Drift Away - 5:05 from 1993's Phobia
Peter Gabriel - Here Comes the Flood - 5:38 from 1977's Peter Gabriel 1
Tristen - Doomsday - 3:33 from 2011's Charlatans At The Garden Gate
John Southworth - It's Not The End Of The World - 4:57 from 1997's Mars Pennsylvania

FEATURED ARTIST: The Handsome Family
The Chicago based husband and wife team, The Handsome Family, marry a certain country flavor with folk instrumentation and the occasional bluegrass foot stoop producing joyful, melodic tunes to sad, woeful dirges. Singer/songwriter Brett Sparks, originally from Odessa, TX, plays guitar and keyboards while poet Rennie Sparks, from Long Island, NY, strums the banjo and bass along with contribuint background vocals. It's ballad oriented alternative country with a dark, eerie, haunting yet hopeful side. The Handsome Family released eight studio albums since forming in 1993.

Our Blue Sky - 2:59 from 2006's Last Days Of Wonder
Cold, Cold, Cold - 3:13 from 2001's Twilight
Drunk by Noon - 2:51 from 1996's Milk And Scissors
Don't Be Scared - 2:40 from 2000's In The Air
The Loneliness Of Magnets - 3:44 from 2009's Honey Moon
Happy Harvest - 2:36 from 1995's Odessa
Far From Any Road - 2:48 from 2003's Singing Bones
Cathedrals - w/Jeff Tweedy - 3:22 from 1998's Through The Trees
When That Helicopter Comes - 2:31 from 2000's In The Air

The Decemberists - Calamity Song - 3:50 from 2011's The King Is Dead
Bright Eyes - No One Would Riot For Less - 5:13 from 2007's Cassadaga
Gavin Friday - You Me And World War Three - 4:40 from 1995's Shag Tobacco
Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday - 3:32 from 1988's Viva Hate
The Dutchess & The Duke - Armageddon Song - 2:08 from 2007's She's The Dutchess, He's The Duke
Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes - 5:01 from 2006's Give Up

Lavender Diamond - Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now - 3:35 from 2012's Incorruptible Heart
St. Vincent - The Apocalypse Song - 3:47 from 2007's Marry Me
Rainer Maria - Catastrophe - 5:33 from 2006's Catastrophe Keeps Us Together
Julia Darling - End Of The World - 3:51 from 2003's Julia Darling
Dum Dum Girls - Season In Hell - 3:04 from 2012's End Of Daze

Terry Allen - Lucy's Tiger Den - 1:53 from 1987's Amerasia
John Lennon - Hold On - 1:54 from 1970's Plastic Ono Band