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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for January 15, 2013

THEME: Rubbish Songs
Pete Seeger - Garbage (Bill Steele) - 3:40 from 1996's Pete
Jerry Fels & The Jerry Fels - Where The Trash Goes - 1:32 from 2012's Evil Is The Root Of All Money
Bruce Hornsby - Take Out The Trash - 4:58 from 2002's Big Swing Face
Chairlift - Garbage - 4:45 from 2008's Does You Inspire You
The Bobs - Trash - 3:31 from 1983's Pieces of April Soundtrack
John Wesley Harding - The Triumph of Trash - 3:01 from 1996's New Deal
Southern Culture On The Skids - My Neighbor Burns Trash - 2:45 from 2010's The Kudzu Ranch
Two Of A Kind - The World Is Not Your Garbage Can - 2:37 from 2011's Sing Me Your Story

Acclaimed Los Angeles singer/songwriter, Beck Hansen, experimented with multiple instruments to develop his signature sound. His music style swings between alternative rock and freak folk sometimes using a rap delivery. He's been wildly popular since the minute he arrived on the music scene. Beginning in 1993, Beck released 11 albums, many EPs and most recently a book of sheet music.

Gamma Ray - 2:56 from 2008's Modern Guilt
Jack-Ass - 4:12 from 1996's Odelay
Lost Cause - 3:49 from 2002's Sea Change
Tropicalia - 3:20 from 1998's Mutations
Girl - 3:29 from 2005's Guero
Think I'm In Love - 3:19 from 2006's The Information
Loser - 3:55 from 1994's Mellow Gold
Asshole - 2:32 from 1994's One Foot In The Grave

Jason Lytle - Get Up And Go - 2:16 from 2012's Dept. Of Disappearance
Spoon - The Underdog - 3:42 from 2007's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Joe Jackson - A Place In The Rain - 5:20 from 2008's Rain
My Morning Jacket - At Dawn - 3:49 from 2001's At Dawn
The Raveonettes - Love in A Trashcan - 2:52 from 2005's Pretty In Black
Punch Brothers - Next To The Trash - 3:05 from 2010's Antifogmatic
White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground - 3:29 from 2010's Under Great White Northern Lights EP

Sera Cahoone - Rumpshaker - 2:54 from 2012's Deer Creek Canyon
Neko Case - People Got A Lotta Nerve - 2:34 from 2009's Middle Cyclone
Regina Spektor - Pavlov's Daughter - 7:43 from 2001's 11:11
Mirah - Engine Heart - 2:35 from 2000's You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This
He's My Brother She's My Sister - Clackin' Heels - 2:10 from 2013's Nobody Dances In This Town

Eels - Wooden Nickels - 2:55 from 2000's Daisies Of The Galaxy
Old Crow Medicine Show - I Hear Them All - 3:05 from 2006's Big Iron World