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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for April 16, 2013

THEME: The Good News
10CC - Good News - 3:48 from 1996's The Original Soundtrack Rerelease
Rivers Cuomo - Dude, We're Finally Landing - 0:56 from 2007's Alone: The Home Recordings
Patti Smith - Wicked Messenger (Bob Dylan) - 3:47 from 1996's Gone Again
Patty Griffin - No Bad News - 4:02 from 2007's Children Running Through
Paul Weller - Here's The Good News - 2:57 from 2005's As Is Now
Steely Dan - The Boston Rag - 5:40 from 1973's Countdown To Ecstasy
Ed's Redeeming Qualities - The Letter - 2:39 from 1991's It's All Good News
Kate MacLeod - Talkin' About Good News - 3:29 from 1997's Constant Emotion

Singer/songwriter Bill Callahan performed and recorded under the pseudonym 'Smog' from the late 80's until 2005. He was a pioneer of the low fidelity movement which combined home recording on substandard equipment with repetitive song structure. Eventually, he began using more instrumentation along with a higher sound quality that drew more than a cult following. There's a folksy aspect to his alternative country or pop rock songs. Smog released a baker's dozen worth of albums since 1990.

I Feel Like The Mother Of The World - 3:09 from 2005's A River Ain't Too Much to Love
Vessel In Vain - 4:20 from 2003's Supper
Ex-Con - 3:36 from 1997's Red Apple Falls
Somewhere In The Night - 2:10 from 1996's The Doctor Came At Dawn
Dress Sexy At My Funeral - 5:30 from 2000's Dongs Of Sevotion
When You Walk - 3:06 from 1993's Julius Caesar
Cold Blooded Old Times - 4:14 from 1999's Knock Knock
Bathysphere - 4:52 from 1995's Wild Love

Youth Lagoon - Mute - 5:59 from 2013's Wondrous Bughouse
Marianne Faithfull - Intrigue - 4:32 from 1981's Dangerous Acquaintances
The Mekons - Last Dance - 3:13 from 1985's Fear And Whiskey
The Corin Tucker Band - No Bad News Tonight - 2:05 from 2012's Kill My Blues
Maria Taylor - Masterplan - 4:39 from 2011's Overlook
Son Volt - Jukebox of Steel - 2:57 from 2009's American Central Dust
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Redemption Song (Bob Marley) - 3:30 from 2003's Streetcore

Annalivia - False Sir John - 4:15 from 2012's The Same Way Down
Crooked Still - Angeline The Baker (Traditional) - 4:13 from 2005's Hop High
Abalone Dots - Little Sparrow - 3:43 from 2008's Traveler
The Duhks - You Don't See It - 3:44 from 2008's Fast Paced World
The Honeycutter - Not Over Yet - 4:05 from 2012's When Bitter Met Sweet

The Lighthouse And The Whaler - Venice - 3:22 from 2013's This Is An Adventure
Bob Mould - (Shine Your) Light Love Hope - 3:58 from 2005's Body Of Song