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Playlist for May 28, 2013

THEME: Henry Miller In Song
Jewel - Morning Song - 3:35 from 1995's Pieces Of You
Dan Bern - Marilyn - 2:54 from 1997's Dan Bern
Yann Tiersen - Chapter 19 (lyrics excerpted from Sexus) - 5:02 from 2010's Dust Lane
Wilco - Ashes of American Flags (excerpts from The Tropic Of Cancer) - 4:44 from 2002's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Danielle Lubené - My Henry Miller - 4:04 from 2003's Slink
Le Butcherettes - Henry Don't Got Love - 4:49 from 2011's Sin, Sin, Sin
Eels - Manchester Girl - 3:21 from 2008's Useless Trinkets

Three college students formed Guster in Boston after meeting during their freshmen orientation program. Lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Miller composes music with vocalist/guitarist Adam Gardner and percussionist Brian Rosenworcel. Multi-instrumentalist Joe Pisapia joined the band a decade after the independently issued first CD leading to a fuller sound and brisker sales. Vocal harmonies enhance their guitar based folk pop style. Guster released six studio albums since 1995, two live CDs and various EPs and singles.

What You Wish For - 3:52 from 1999's Lost And Gone Forever
Beginning Of The End - 3:09 from 2013's Live Acoustic
Airport Song - 3:25 from 1997's Goldfly
Satellite - 4:34 from 2006's Ganging Up On The Sun
Amsterdam - 3:37 from 2003's Keep It Together
Do You Love Me - 3:41 from 2010's Easy Wonderful
Mona Lisa - 4:10 or Scars & Stitches 3:10 from 1995's Parachute

The Last Royals - Good Day Radio - 3:45 from 2013's Twistification
The Killers - Mr. Brightside - 3:42 from 2004's Hot Fuss
Modest Mouse - Breakthrough - 4:08 from 1996's This is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About
Son, Ambulance - Katie Come True - 6:47 from 2012's Oh Holy Fools
Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing) - 3:21 from 2005's Digital Ash In A Digital Urn
The Front Bottoms - Funny You Should Ask - 3:34 from 2013's Talon Of The Hawk

Emma Louise - Atlas Eyes - 4:59 from 2013's Vs Head Vs Heart
Beth Orton - Call Me The Breeze - 3:52 from 2012's Sugaring Season
Aimee Mann - Driving Sideways - 3:47 from 1999's Magnolia
Tennis - High Road - 3:03 from 2012's Young And Old
Dressy Bessy - Just Like Henry - 2:25 from 1999's Pink Hearts Yellow Moons

Sam Amidon - As I Roved Out (Traditional) - 3:44 from 2013's Bright Sunny South
Squeeze - Heaven - 3:49 from 1981's East Side Story