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Playlist for June 11, 2013

THEME: I Want To Be Left Alone
Warren Zevon - Splendid Isolation - 4:37 from 1989's Transverse City
The National - Anyone's Ghost - 2:54 from 2010's High Violet
Squeeze - Introvert - 2:52 from 2002's Big Squeeze: The Very Best Of Squeeze
The Faint - How Could I Forget - 3:17 from 2004's Wet From Birth
Owl City - The Saltwater Room - 4:55 from 2008's Maybe I'm Dreaming
Grandaddy - Everything Beautiful Is Far Away - 5:13 from 1997's Under The Western Freeway
Broken Spindles - Introvert - 1:58 from 2009's Kiss/Kick
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - 4:20 from 2004's American Idiot

Initially criticized as a band playing sugary sweet, overly upbeat pop, the Field Mice actually formulated a new sound called twee pop. Yes, it is all sunshiny, overtly happy music but it's also catchy, topical and appealing. English songwriters Robert Wratten and Michael Hiscock formed the band in 1988. The band split up in 1991 after a fist fight broke out on stage in Scotland. The Field Mice released numerous singles, following their record labels advice, along with many EPs and three studio albums.

Coach Station Reunion - 3;10 from 1991's For Keeps
Couldn't Feel Safer - 3:47 from 1989's Snowball
Canada - 3:27 from 1990's Skywriting
So Said Kay - 5:05 from 1990's So Said Kay EP
If You Need Someone - 3:45 from 1990's The Autumn Store Part 1 EP
Emma's House - 3:35 from 1988's Emma's House Single
Between Hello And Goodbye - 2:29 from 1991's September's Not So Far Away Single

Laura Marling - Devil's Resting Place - 3:14 from 2013's Once I Was An Eagle
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris - 4:50 from 1998's Dizzy Up The Girl
Band Of Horses - Is There A Ghost - 2:59 from 2007's Cease To Begin
The Cars - Gimme Some Slack - 3:32 from 1980's Panorama
Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan - 5:53 from 1988's I'm Your Man
Loudon Wainwright III - Bein' A Dad - 3:43 from 1997's Little Ship
Paul Westerberg - My Dad - 3:28 from 2004's Folker

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs- Despair - 4:49 from 2013's Mosquito
Land Of Talk - Troubled - 3:23 from 2008's Some Are Lakes
Bjork - Cocoon - 4:28 from 2001's Vespertine
Ani Difranco - Overlap - 3:44 from 1994's Out Of Range

Bright Eyes - The Difference In The Shades - 4:23 from 1998's Letting Off The Happiness
Lou Reed - Mama's Got a Lover - 4:21 from 1986's Mistrial