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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for July 2, 2013

THEME: Sailing, Sailing
Paul Weller - Wild Blue Yonder - 3:27 from 2006's Wild Blue Yonder EP
A Fine Frenzy - Sailingsong - 4:25 from 2012's Pines
John Prine - Sailin' Around - 3:25 from 1986's German Afternoons
Great Big Sea - Lukey (Traditional) - 3:11 from 1996's Up
Pentangle - Lord Franklin - 3:23 from 1970's Cruel Sister
The Tiger Lillies - Sailors - 3:58 from 1998's The Brothel To The Cemetary
John Lennon - Mucho Mungo - 1:26 from 1998's Anthology
Belle And Sebastian - Paper Boat - 2:40 from 1998's The Black Session

FEATURED ARTIST: Buddy & Julie Miller
The Nashville, TN singing/songwriting team, Buddy & Julie Miller, met in Austin, TX as members of an alternative country band and got hitched in 1981. Their dual efforts don't stray too far from that genre but include a more roots rock sound. Julie owns the unique voice of the two with a little girl lost quality to her vocals. They issued many solo albums over the years singing on each others records but only released three official Buddy & Julie Miller albums.

Gasoline And Matches - 3:14 from 2009's Written In Chalk
Forever Has Come To An End - 2:50 from 2001's Buddy & Julie Miller
The Devil Is An Angel - 3:05 from 1997's Blue Pony
Chalk w/Patty Griffin - 3:40 from 2009's Written In Chalk
The Price Of Love (Don Everly/Phil Everly) - 4:45 from 2002's Midnight And Lonesome
You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast - 3:15 from 2004's Love Snuck Up
Dirty Water - 6:53 from 2001's Buddy & Julie Miller

Jimmy Eat World - Book Of Love - 3:56 from 2013's Damage
Jim James - Dear One - 3:11 from 2013's Regions Of Light And Sound Of God
Jimmy Buffet - Son Of A Son Of A Sailor - 3:23 from 1978's Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
The Avett Brothers - Winter In My Heart - 4:55 from 2012's The Carpenter
Simone Felice - Hey Bobby Ray - 3:58 from 2012's Simone Felice
Townes Van Zandt - Coo Coo (T. C. Ashley) - 4:42 from 1994's Roadsongs

Lily & Madeleine - In The Middle - 2:41 from 2013's The Weight Of The Globe
The Staves - Winter Trees - 3:37 from 2012's Dead & Born & Grown
First Aid Kit - Sailor Song - 2:44 from 2010's The Big Black And The Blue
The Cornshed Sisters - Ocelot Song - 3:27 from 2012's Tell Tales
Emiliana Torrini - Birds - 6:23 from 2008's Me And Armini

Fountains Of Wayne - It must Be Summer - 3:20 from 1999's Utopia Parkway
The Front Bottoms - Lone Star - 3:50 from 2013's Talon Of The Hawk