WMUH Radio
"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for September 3, 2013

THEME: Jack And/OR Jill
Kim Richey - Jack And Jill - 3:07 from 2007's Chinese Boxes
Grateful Dead - Ramble On Rose - 6:07 from 1972's Europe '72
Leonard Cohen - Why Don't You Try - 3:53 from 1974's New Skin For The Old Ceremony
Bauhaus - Watch That Grandad Go - 5:40 from 1982's The Sky's Gone Out [Bonus Tracks]
XTC - We're All Light - 4:39 from 2000's Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2)
The Weepies - Be My Thrill - 2:29 from 2010's Be My Thrill
Bob Geldof - A Hole To Fill - 5:05 from 1993's The Happy Club

FEATURED ARTIST: Saturday Looks Good To Me
Michigan native Fred Thomas formed the Saturday Looks Good To Me collective as a side project while working with several other mid-western groups. He brilliantly blends retro 60s music into a modern collection of R&B pop, good old indie rock and delightful lullabies. Several female vocalists, Erika Hoffmann and Betty Marie Barnes from the first incarnation of the band and Carol Catherine and Amber Fellows of the present line-up, sing on many tracks. Since 1999, Saturday Looks Good To Me released five studio albums on a major label.

Invisible Friend - 2:18 from 2013's One Kiss Ends It All
Meet Me By The Water - 2:59 from 2003's All Your Summer Songs
Parking Lot Blues - 3:08 from 2006's Sound On Sound
Since You Stole My Heart - 3:14 from 2004's Every Night
Whitey Hands - 2:35 from 2007's Fill Up The Room
Can't Ever Sleep - 3:14 from 2006's Sound On Sound
Break In - 3:00 from 2013's One Kiss Ends It All
The Girl's Distracted - 2:00 from 2004's Every Night
Ultimate Stars - 3:03 from 2003's All Your Summer Songs

Franz Ferdinand - Bullet - 2:43 from 2013's Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
Bloc Party - Banquet - 3:21 from 2005's Silent Alarm
Art Brut - Lost Weekend - 4:22 from 2011's Brilliant Tragic!
The Hold Steady - Our Whole Lives - 4:01 from 2010's Heaven Is Whenever
The Dø - Gonna Be Sick - 4:09 from 2007's Both Ways Open Jaws
Say Anything - Say Anything - 3:01 from 2012's Anarchy, My Dear
The Rouge - Hand Cuffs - 3:49 from 2013's Blurry EP

Lizzie Davis - Getaway - 3:34 from 2013's Latitudes
She & Him - In The Sun - 2:51 from 2010's Volume Two
Sweet Soubrette - All That Glitters - 3:35 from 2011's Days And Nights
The Dresden Dolls - Half Jack - 5:57 from 2004's The Dresden Dolls
Regina Spektor - Fidelity - 3:47 from 2006's Begin To Hope

Deer Tick - Big House - 3:26 from 2013's Negativity
Robyn Hitchcock - Red Locust Frenzy - 3:01 from 2006's Olé! Tarantula