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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for September 24, 2013

THEME: Breadcrumb Trail
Ron Sexsmith - Lost in Thought - 2:19 from 2013's Forever Endeavour
Lisa Loeb - No Fairy Tale - 2:42 from 2013's No Fairy Tale
Nickel Creek - Doubting Thomas - 3:19 from 2005's Why Should The Fire Die?
Bishop Allen - Queen of the Rummage Sale - 4:03 from 2006's February EP
John Hiatt - Love's Not Where We Thought We Left It - 5:17 from 2005's Master of Disaster
The Swell Season - Paper Cup - 3:21 from 2009's Strict Joy
The Weepies - All This Beauty - 3:19 from 2008's Hideaway
Mark Knopfler - True Love Will Never Fade - 4:21 from 2007's Kill To Get Crimson

The feminine half of The Moldy Peaches, Kimya Dawson, went solo in 2002 two years before the band began an indefinite hiatus. The New York native now living in Olympia, WA gravitates toward a lo-fi acoustic folk sound with many of her recordings done at her home. She collaborates with many other independently minded musicians such as They Might Be Giants, The Mountain Goats and The Terrordactyls. Kimya Dawson released seven albums including a rather charming children's CD a few years ago.

Driving Driving Driving - 6:13 from 2011's Thunder Thighs
The Beer - 3:11 from 2004's My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess
The Competition - 2:50 from 2006's Remember That I Love You
Seven Hungry Tigers - 2:00 from 2008's Alphabutt
So Nice So Smart - 2:46 from 2004's Knock Knock Who
Eleventeen - 4:23 from 2002's I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean
I Will Never Forget - 5:20 from 2004's Hidden Vagenda
Tire Swing - 3:08 from 2006's Remember That I Love You

Royal Bangs - Better Run - 3:19 from 2013's Brass
The Hush Sound - Wine Red - 2:34 from 2006's Like Vines
Spoon - The Underdog - 3:42 from 2007's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Artic Monkeys - Fireside - 3:01 from 2013's AM
James McMurtry - Saint Mary Of The Woods - 6:15 from 2002's Saint Mary Of The Woods
Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came - 2:33 from 2004's Our Endless Numbered Days
The Stills-Young Band - Midnight On The Bay - 3:59 from 1976's Long May You Run

Emiliana Torrini - Animal Games - 2:57 from 2013's Tookah
Elie Goulding - Anything Could Happen - 4:46 from 2012's Halcyon
Brooke Waggoner - Perish - 3:15 from 2013's Originator
Jenny Dalton - The Turn And The River - 2:36 from 2008's Rusalka's Umbrella
Pretenders - Lie To Me - 2:25 from 2002's Loose Screw

Baths - Phaedra - 4:53 from 2013's Obsidian
Uncle Tupelo - Warfare - 3:38 from 1993's March 16-20 1992