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Playlist for December 03, 2013

THEME: Little Piggy
Rasputina - This Little Piggy (Traditional) - 3:25 from 2003's The Lost & Found 2nd Ed.
Randy Newman - Bless The Children Of The World w/Don Henley - 3:50 from 2003's Faust
Sarah Fimm - Scream - 4:11 from 2001's Cocooned
Radiohead - Paranoid Android - 6:24 from 1997's OK Computer
Love Spit Love - Well Well Well - 3:21 from 1997's Trysome Eatone
Kimya Dawson - I Will Never Forget - 5:19 from 2004's Hidden Vagenda
Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - Good Old Pig, Gone To Avalon - 2:43 from 2009's 'Em Are I

Steve Tannen and Deb Talan have been performing as the Weepies since 2001. Before they met and fell in love and started collaborating on their songwriting, each Weepie had a thriving career as a Boston area singer/songwriter. Their folk pop sound occasionally overlaps into the acoustic rock territory merging nicely with the harmony vocals and introspective lyrics. To date, The Weepies released four studio albums.

Be My Honeypie - 2:10 from 2010's Be My Thrill
Gotta Have You - 3:21 from 2006's Say I Am You
Can't Go Back Now - 2:17 from 2008's Hideaway
Somebody Loved - 2:41 from 2003's Happiness
Same Changes - 3:22 from 2010's Morning Glory Soundtrack
I Was Made For Sunny Days w/Colbie Caillat - 3:13 from 2010's Be My Thrill
World Spins Madly On - 2:21 from 2006's Say I Am You
Just Blue - 4:04 from 2008's Hideaway
All That I Want - 3:23 from 2003's Happiness

Ezra Furman - Slacker/Adria - 5:10 from 2013's Day Of The Dog
Violent Femmes - Good Feeling - 3:52 from 1983's Violent Femmes
The Modern Lovers - Girl Friend - 3:52 from 1976's The Modern Lovers
Velvet Underground - Here She Comes Now - 2:05 from 1968's White Light White Heat
Cowboy Junkies - My Wild Child - 3:52 from 2004's One Soul Now
Death Cab For Cutie - A Lack Of Color - 3:36 from 2003's Transatlanticism
Spoon - I Turn My Camera On - 3:32 from 2005's Gimme Fiction

Lily & Madeleine - Devil We Know - 3:35 from 2013's Lily & Madeleine
First Aid Kit - Wolf - 3:41 from 2012's The Lion's Roar Special Edition
The Ericksons - Where Do You Dwell - 3:58 from 2013's The Wild
The Nields - Easy People - 3:49 from 1998's Play
The Chapin Sisters - Sweet Light - 2:47 from 2010's Two

Lou Reed - What's Good? - 3:22 from 1992's Magic & Loss
Big Tree - Believe - 3:03 from 2013's My, How You've Grown