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Playlist for December 17, 2013

THEME: Guiding Light
Tori Amos - Star Of Wonder - 3:48 from 2012's Gold Dust
Indigo Girls - There's Still My Joy - 2:46 from 2010's Holly Happy Days
Kathy Mattea - Brightest And Best (Star Of The East) [Traditional] 3:35 from 1993's Good News
Lucero - Wandering Star - 3:45 from 2007's Lucero
Neil Young - Star Of Bethlehem w/Emmylou Harris - 2:42 from 1977's American Stars 'n Bars
Smog - A Guiding Light - 3:50 from 2003's Supper
Teenage Fanclub - Guiding Star - 2:48 from 1991's Bandwagonesque
Nanci Griffith - Let It Shine On Me - 3:02 from 1987's Lone Star State Of Mind
The Roches - Star Of Wonder - 1:50 from 1990's We Three Kings

Founded by singer/songwriter Paul Weller while still in high school, The Jam reigned for ten years beginning in 1972. The highly influential band used the new punk rock sound mixed with earlier hard rock and R&B beats to form a genre called modern revival. The energetic Surrey, England group had a string of top ten hits until their break up in December 1982. The Jam released one live album and six studio albums plus plenty of singles that never made it on to any album.

In The City - 2:19 from 1977's In The City
Start! - 2:32 from 1980's Sound Affects
Girl On The Phone - 2:57 from 1979's Setting Sons
It's Too Bad - 2:37 from 1978's All Mod Cons
Town Called Malice - 2:56 from 1982's The Gift
Tonight At Noon - 2:55 from 1977's This Is The Modern World
Down In The Tube Station At Midnight - 4:04 from 1978's All Mod Cons
Liza Radley - 2:34 from 1980's Sound Affects (Deluxe Edition)
Going Underground - 2:55 from 1983's Compact Snap

Fathom Lane - Perfect Day (Lou Reed) - 5:03 from 2013's Fathom Lane
Stereophonics - Show Me How - 4:40 from 2009's Keep Calm And Carry On
Sixpence None The Richer - River (Joni Mitchell) - 3:58 from 2008's The Dawn Of Grace
Tom Russell - When The Legends Die - 5:34 from 2011's Mesabi
Bruce Cockburn - Mighty Trucks Of Midnight - 5:57 from 1991's Nothing But A Burning Light

The Roches - Us Little Kids - 3:10 from 2007's Moonswept
Mountain Man - Animal Tracks - 2:10 from 2010's Made The Harbor
Agent Ribbons - Boy With The Wooden Lips - 3:40 from 2006's On Time Travel And Romance
Laura Marling - Master Hunter - 3:16 from 2013's Once I Was An Eagle
Mary Gauthier - Our Lady Of The Shooting Stars - 3:35 from 1999's Drag Queens In Limousines
Terra Lightfoot - Sleep Away The Winter - 3:59 from 2011's Terra Lightfoot

Origami Ghosts - Shooting Star - 2:46 from 2012's It Don't Exist
They Might Be Giants - What Is A Shooting Star? (Hy Zaret/Louis Singer) 1:39 - from 2006's Here Comes Science