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Playlist for January 21, 2014

THEME: Old Covenant Tales
The Moody Blues - It Ain't Necessarily So (George & Ira Gershwin) - 3:24 from 1965's The Magnificent Moodies
Gillian Welch - Rock Of Ages - 3:08 from 1998's Hell Among The Yearlings
Tim O'Brien - Jonah And The Whale - 3:02 from 2001's Rock In My Shoe
Sufjan Stevens - Abraham - 2:33 from 2004's Seven Swans
Regina Spektor - Samson - 3:11 from 2006's Begin To Hope
Fleetwood Mac - Lay It All Down - 4:30 from 1971's Future Games
Brooke Fraser - Hosea's Wife - 4:07 from 2008's Albertine
Brandi Carlile - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) - 6:14 from 2011's Live At Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony

Formed in 2005, Lake hails from Olympia, Washington. They offer a near perfect blend of modern indie twee pop and the lo-fi, mildly psychedelic sounds of 60's folk with a funkier edge. The mix of both male (mostly Eli Moore) and female (Ashley Eriksson) vocals adds an intriguing layer of depth especially when together on the same tune. To date, the nearly decade-long experiment produced seven studio albums.

Composure - 3:26 from 2013's The World Is Real
Mother Nature's Promise - 4:19 from 2011's Giving & Receiving
What You See Is What You Get - 3:18 from 2013's Circular Doorway
Acorn - 2:35 from 2009's Let's Build A Roof
Blue Ocean Blue - 3:32 from 2008's Oh, The Places We'll Go
Heaven - 2:40 from 2008's Oh, The Places We'll Go
Within/Without - 2:27 from 2011's Giving & Receiving
Madagascar - 3:14 from 2009's Let's Build A Roof

Damien Jurado - Silver Timothy - 3:17 from 2014's Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
Vanish Valley - Get Good - 2:58 from 2011's Get Good
Richard & Linda Thompson - Night Comes In - 8:12 from 1975's Pour Down Like Silver
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Graveyard Train - 8:36 from 1969's 69 Bayou Country
Two Gallants - Steady Rollin' - 4:29 from 2005's What The Toll Tells

Seasick Mama - Man Overboard - 3:54 from 2013's Tip Top Shape
Faun Fables - Eternal (Brigitte Fontaine) - 2:53 from 2004's Family Album
Florence & The Machine - Seven Devils - 5:03 from 2011's Ceremonials
Lisa Hannigan - Knots- 3:32 from 2011's Passenger
Marissa Nadler - Diamond Heart - 3:47 from 2007's Songs III: Bird On The Water

Boy & Bear - Old Town Blues - 3:26 from 2013's Harlequin Dream
Dan Bern - Holy House - 2:32 from 2012's Drifter