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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for February 4, 2014

THEME: Gluttony
The Kinks - Maximum Consumption - 4:04 from 1972's Everybody's in Show-Biz
Those Darlins - The Whole Damn Thing - 2:48 from 2009's Those Darlins
Dave Matthews Band - Too Much - 4:28 from 1996's Crash
Art Brut - Just Desserts - 3:17 from 2009's Art Brut Vs. Satan (Bonus Tracks)
Beck - Satan Gave Me A Taco - 3:46 from 1994's Stereopathetic Soul Manure
Joe Jackson - Fugue 1 More Is More [Gluttony] - 5:32 from 1997's Heaven & Hell
Jane Siberry - This Girl I Know - 2:13 from 1980's Jane Siberry
Ben Folds - All U Can Eat - 3:21 from 2003's Sunny 16 EP

FEATURED ARTIST: Richard Thompson
Exquisite British guitarist with a singular style, Richard Thompson began his career in the 60's with Fairport Convention. He draws on various music styles in his compositions leaning mainly toward folk rock with a flair toward the psychedelic. In addition to the more than two dozen albums Richard Thompson released, he's composed several soundtracks and done session work or collaborations with many other artists.

Sally B - 4:04 from 2013's Electric
Cooksferry Queen - 4:12 from 1999's Mock Tudor
Let It Blow - 4:52 from 2005's Front Parlour Ballads
Tear Stained Letter - 4:42 from 1983's Hand Of Kindness
Dad's Gonna Kill Me - 5:16 from 2007's Sweet Warrior
From Galway To Graceland - 4:47 from 1993's Watching The Dark

Quilt - Saturday Bride - 3:49 from 2014's Held In Splendor
Tame Impala - Elephant - 3:31 from 2012's Lonerism
Beachwood Sparks - Ponce De Leon Blues - 6:56 from 2002's Make The Cowboy Robots Cry
The New Pornographers - The Spirit Of Giving - 4:03 from 2007's Challengers
Robyn Hitchcock - Bass - 2:58 from 1986's Element Of Light
Portugal. The Man - Kill Me. The King - 3:05 from 2006's Waiter: "You Vultures!"

Dum Dum Girls - Under These Hands - 3:29 from 2014's Too True
Frankie Rose - Sorrow - 4:50 from 2013's Herein Wild
Seapony - What You See - 3:33 from 2011's Go With Me
Beach Day - Am I The Only One - 3:24 from 2013's Trip Trap Attack
Cults - Go Outside - 3:24 from 2011's Cults

Young The Giant - Anagram - 4:54 from 2014's Mind Over Matter
Morrissey - Sister I'm A Poet - 2:37 from 1997's The Best Of Morrissey