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Playlist for February 25, 2014

THEME: Pridefulness
Alison Krauss & Union Station - On The Outside Looking In (Tim O'Brien) - 3:36 from 2011's Paper Airplane
Fiddler's Green - Girls Along The Road (Traditional) - 3:39 from 2002's Folk Raider
Jim O'Rourke - Movie On The Way Down - 7:38 from 1999's Eureka
Tegan & Sara - Proud - 2:51 from 2000's This Business Of Art
The Cranberries - Tomorrow - 3:55 from 2012's Roses
These United States (Jesse Elliott) - Pleasure And Pain And Pride And Me - 3:09 from 2008's Crimes
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Pride Of Man - 4:06 from 1973's Anthology

Named after a California town, Earlimart, formed in 1996 under the leadership of singer/songwriter/guitarist Aaron Espinoza and vocalist/keyboardist Ariana Murray. Their initial experimental punk pop songs morphed into a dreamy folk pop sound infused with a psychedelic rock attitude. Harmonies and lush arrangements abound on the later CDs. To date, Earlimart released seven studio albums, a few EPs and one offering under the name Admiral Radley, with members of Grandaddy.

Get Used To The Sound - 3:50 from 2012's System Preferences
Before It Gets Better - 4:25 from 2008's Hymn And Her
We Drink On The Job - 2:17 from 2003's Everyone Down Here
Bloody Nose - 4:46 from 2007's Mentor Tormentor
Dead On The Dancefloor - 4:15 from 2000's Kingdom Of Champions
Admiral Radley - The Thread - 3:03 from 2010's I Heart California
First Instant Last Report - 2:27 from 2004's Treble & Tremble

The Damn Choir - East Bay - 4:26 from 2014's Creatures Of Habit
Bon Iver - Holocene - 5:37 from 2011's Bon Iver
The Cure - Harold And Joe - 5:10 from 1990's Never Enough B-side
Birthday Party - King Ink - 4:42 from 1981's Prayers On Fire
Low - On My Own - 5:43 from 2013's The Invisible Way

Nina Persson - Jungle - 3:35 from 2014's Animal Heart
The Do - Too Insistent - 3:29 from 2010's Both Ways Open Jaws
SoKo - First Love Never Die - 4:22 from 2013's I Thought I Was An Alien
Marina & The Diamonds - Lies - 3:46 from 2012's Electra Heart
Amanda Palmer - Ukulele Anthem - 5:33 from 2012's Theatre Is Evil Bonus Tracks

Billy Bragg - Swallow My Pride - 2:50 from 2013's Tooth & Nail
The Auteurs - Buddha - 2:52 from 1996's After Murder Park