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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for April 8, 2014

THEME: Songs For The Seasons
Holly Throsby - The Seasons - 2:53 from 2010's See!
Townes Van Zandt - Hey Willy Boy - 2:15 from 1995's No Deeper Blue
Zoe Boekbinder - December - 1:51 from 2009's Artichoke Perfume
Bert Jansch - The January Man - 3:31 from 2008's Moonshine
First Aid Kit - Winter Is All Over You - 3:40 from 2010's The Big Black And The Blue
Pokey La Farge And The South City Three - Good Country Girls - 3:13 from 2011's Middle Of Everywhere
Echo & The Bunnymen - Make Me Shine - 3:54 from 2001's Flowers
Destroyer - Song For America - 4:29 from 2011's Kaputt
XTC - Season Cycle - 3:18 from 1986's Skylarking

The Roche sisters - Maggie, Terre and Suzzy - have performed together, in pairs and as solo artists since the mid-1970s. Their harmony folk pop style, enhanced by witty, quirky lyrics, led to a cult following and critical acclaim but not mass appeal. They stopped touring as a group in 2007 after the release of their final album. The Roches recorded eleven albums together including a popular Christmas collection.

The Married Men - 4:30 from 1979's The Roches
Troubled Love - 3:24 from 1992's A Dove
Family Of Bone - 3:00 from 2007's Moonswept
Big Nuthin' - 4:00 from 1989's Speak
Come Softly To Me (Gretchen Christopher/Barbara Ellis/Gary Troxel) - 2:58 from 1985's Another World
Bobby's Song - 3:10 from 1980's Nurds
Losing True - 4:49 from 1982's Keep On Doing

Lyla Foy - Rumour - 3:53 from 2014's Mirrors The Sky
Jenny Lewis - The Big Guns - 2:35 from 2006's Rabbit Fur Coat
Renaissance - A Song For All Seasons - 10:53 from 1977's A Song for All Seasons
Lead Belly - In The Pines - 2:11 from 2005's Folkways: The Original Vision
The Velvet Underground - Who Loves The Sun - 2:50 from 1970's Loaded
The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Believe In The Sun - 4:16 from 1999's 69 Love Songs

Little Lapin - Waiting Room - 4:03 from 2014's Little Lapin
Sinead O'Connor - The Wolf Is Getting Married - 4:23 from 2012's How About I Be Me (And You Be You)
The Pretenders - Porcelain - 3:55 from 1981's Extended Play
Stars - Calendar Girl - 4:08 from 2005's Set Yourself On Fire
Such As Us - The Seasons Go - 3:36 from 2011's ...In This One Cold Blink of Time...

John McCutcheon - Dry Land Fish - 2:39 from 2013's 22 Days
Said The Whale - Seasons - 2:23 from 2012's Little Mountain