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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for April 15, 2014

THEME: Calvary
Indigo Girls - Strange Fire - 5:29 from 1987's Strange Fire
Gerry Rafferty - Don't Give Up On Me - 4:13 from 1992's On A Wing And A Prayer
Gillian Welch - By The Mark - 3:40 from 1996's Revival
Tom Waits - Get Behind The Mule - 6:52 from 1999's Mule Variations
The Innocence Mission - Were You There? (Traditional) - 3:09 from 2000's Christ Is My Hope
Arlo Guthrie - Which Side - 4:20 from 1979's Outlasting The Blues
The Haden Triplets - Voice From On High (Bill Monroe) - 3:20 from 2014's The Haden Triplets

FEATURED ARTIST: Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three
St. Louis roots artist Andrew Heissler derived his moniker, Pokey LaFarge, partly from a childhood nickname and because he thought it fit his music style. He learned his craft by busking on several California city streets after graduating from high school in 2001. He blends folk, bluegrass, ragtime, jazz and the blues to form an original sound all his own. His backing band, the South City Three, joined LaFarge in 2009. Pokey LaFarge released five studio albums, a live recording and contributes to movie soundtracks and other artists offerings.

Central Time - 3:00 from 2013's Pokey LaFarge
Drinkin' Whiskey Tonight - 2:52 from 2011's Middle Of Everywhere
Mr. Nobody - 3:27 from 2008's Beat, Move And Shake
La La Blues - 3:42 from 2010's Riverboat Soul
Sweet Seventeen - 3:03 from 2006's Marmalade
So Long Honeybee, Goodbye - 3:07 from 2011's Middle Of Everywhere
Migraines And Heartpains - 2:42 from 2010's Riverboat Soul
Day After Day - 3:36 from 2013's Pokey LaFarge

Timber Timbre - Run From Me - 4:17 from 2014's Hot Dreams
The Band - Ophelia - 3:32 from 1975's Northern Lights - Southern Cross
David Dondero - Job Boss - 3:26 from 2010's Number Zero With A Bullet
The Duhks - Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen/Sharon Robinson) - 4:09 from 2005's The Duhks
The Flaming Lips - Fryin' Up - 2:45 from 1989's Telepathic Surgery
Aimee Mann - Freeway - 3:50 from 2008's @#%&! Smilers
Clinic - The Magician - 2:41 from 2004's Winchester Cathedral

The Belle Brigade - Be Like Him - 2:47 from 2014's Just Because
The Bird And The Bee - My Love - 3:45 from 2009's Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future
Eleni Mandell - Put My Baby To Bed - 3:08 from 2014's Let's Fly A Kite
Kate Earl - Melody - 3:52 from 2009's Kate Earl
Tegan And Sara - Where Does The Good Go - 3:37 from 2004's So Jealous

The Jam - Burning Sky - 3:33 from 1979's Setting Sons
The Hooters - Satellite - 4:17 from 1987's One Way Home