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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 24, 2014

THEME: Overnight Sensation
The Kinks - Entertainment - 4:23 from 1989's UK Jive
Buzzcocks - Why Compromise? - 3:32 from 1999's Modern
Drive-By Truckers - Hell No, I Ain't Happy - 4:38 from 2003's Decoration Day
Little Feat - Shakeytown - 5:15 from 1995's Ain't Had Enough Fun
Kurt Vile - Overnite Religion - 5:15 from 2003's Childish Prodigy
Fraser & Debolt - The Waltz Of The Tennis Players - 3:24 from 1971's Fraser & Debolt
John Hiatt - Overnight Story - 3:39 from 1982's All Of A Sudden

Small town girl moves to New York City and makes it big is singer/songwriter Joan Osborne's success story. It may have taken her nearly ten years to issue a hit tune but she surrounded herself with the right people and made it happen. She's heavily influenced by 70's soul music with more than half her albums employing an R&B pop sound; although several of her recordings find her leaning toward blues rock or folk rock music. Joan Osborne released eight studio albums since 1991 which include two full CDs of cover tunes.

Up All Night - 3:48 from 2014's Love And Hate
If I Was Your Man - 4:58 from 2000's Righteous Love
Rodeo - 3:40 from 2008's Little Wild One
Baby Is A Butterfly - 3:56 from 2007's Breakfast In Bed
Right Hand Man - 5:01 from 1995's Relish
Who Divided - 4:15 from 2006's Pretty Little Stranger

Neighbors - Long Time Gone - 4:11 from 2014's Only Run
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Simple And Sure - 3:28 from 2014's Days Of Abandon
Tanlines - All Of Me - 3:51 from 2012's Mixed Emotions
Seapony - What You See - 3:33 from 2011's Go With Me
The Pastels - Crawl Babies - 2:46 from 1987's Up For A Bit With The Pastels
The Shins - Simple Song = 4:19 from 2012's Port Of Morrow
The Fresh & Onlys - Animal Of One - 4:05 from 2014's House Of Spirits

Jenny Gillespie - Dragon Mother - 2:11 from 2014's Chamma
Sara Harmer - Coffee Stain - 2:56 from 2000's You Were Here
Jonatha Brooke - Linger - 4:20 from 2001's Steady Pull
Lena Esposito - Changes - 2:58 from 2002's Lena Esposito
Lucy Woodward - Ragdoll - 4:01 from 2010's Hooked!
Nellie McKay - Won't U Please B Nice - 2:09 from 2004's Get Away From Me

Jimmy Buffett - Dreamsicle - 2:18 from 1979's Volcano
George Harrison - Awaiting On You All - 2:45 from 1970's All Things Must Pass