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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for December 16, 2014

THEME: It's That Time Of Year, Shake MY Hand
Peter Gabriel - I Have The Touch - 4:39 from 1982's Peter Gabriel 4 - Security
The Guess Who - Share The Land - 3:55 from 1970's Share The Land
The Dresden Dolls - Truce - 8:34 from 2004's The Dresden Dolls
Gunnar Madsen - Don't Shake Hands with a One-Eyed Pirate - 2:27 from 2001's Ants in My Pants
Liz Phair - Uncle Alvarez - 3:53 from 1998's Whitechocolatespaceegg
Van Morrison - Glad Tidings - 3:40 from 1970's Moondance
The Innocence Mission - What A Wonderful World - 2:55 from 2004's Now The Day Is Over

Sometime in 1995, three Swedish ladies formed a pop group called The Concretes. It swiftly evolved into an eight piece collective with many honorary members playing on the records and in concert. In 2006, the lead singer and main lyricist, Victoria Bergsman, left the band for a solo project. The drummer, Lisa Milberg, took over these chores without missing a beat. The very catchy and melodic pop rock occasionally spills over into a punk pop sound overflowing with much instrumentation. The Concretes released four albums along with two compilation that put all their EPs together.

Oh My Love - 2:55 from 2010's WYWH
Say Something New - 3:48 from 2003's The Concretes
On The Radio w/Jens Lekman - 3:24 from 2006's In Colour
Vacation - 2:02 from 2000's Boyoubetterunow
Lady December - 4:39 from 2005's Layourbattleaxedown
Kids - 3:45 from 2007's Hey Trouble
Teen Love - 3:23 from 2000's Boyoubetterunow
You Can't Hurry Love - 2:03 from 2003's The Concretes

Ani DiFranco - Woe Be Gone - 4:01 from 2014's Allergic To Water
Setting Sun (Gary Levitt) - No Devil Me No More - 2:37 - 2:32 from 2008's Children Of The Wild
My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday - 5:21 from 2003's It Still Moves
Appleseed Cast - Like A Locust (Shake Hands With The Dead) - 4:01 from 2009's Sagarmatha
Wilco - Handshake Drugs - 6:07 from 2004's A Ghost Is Born
Josh Ritter - Good Man - 4:09 from 2006's The Animal Years

Jane Weaver - Don't Take My Soul - 6:34 from 2014's The Silver Globe
Beth Jeans Houghton - Dodecahedron - 3:15 from 2012's Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose
Smoke Fairies - Awake - 4:20 from 2012's Blood Speaks
Vashti Bunyan - Come Wind Come Rain - 2:07 from 1970's Just Another Diamond Day
Emmy The Great & Tim Wheeler - Christmas Moon - 3:22 from 2011's This Is Christmas

Donora - Put On Your Neon - 3:00 from 2014's Ha Ha Heart
Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals - Less - 4:07 from 1999's Burn To Shine