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Playlist for June 23, 2015

THEME: Moon Man Songs
The Full English - Man In The Moon (Traditional) - 4:05 from 2013's The Full English
M. Ward - Vincent O'Brien - 2:37 from 2003's Transfiguration Of Vincent
Jolie Holland - Mad Tom Of Bedlam (Traditional) - 2:52 from 2004's Escondida
The Kinks - Loony Balloon - 5:07 from 1989's UK Jive
Natalie Merchant - Come Take A Trip In My Airship - 4:02 from 1996's Every Child Deserves A Lifetime
Bob Dylan - Under The Red Sky - 4:10 from 1990's Under The Red Sky
Richard Hawley - Cry A Tear For The Man In The Moon - 3:27 from 2001's Late Night Final
David Bowie - Love You Till Tuesday - 2:44 from 1967's David Bowie

Vermont native Anaïs Mitchell began writing songs in her late teens. She has won several awards for her modern folk songs that usually revolve around confessional lyrics. She signed to Righteous Babe Records for her third album but now has her own label - Wilderland Records. To date, Anaïs Mitchell released seven albums and one split EP.

Now You Know - 3:09 from 2014's Xoa
Your Fonder Heart - 3:33 from 2007's The Brightness
Why We Build The Wall w/Greg Brown - 4:18 from 2010's Hadestown
Shepherd - 5:35 from 2012's Young Man In America
Geordie w/Jefferson Hamer (Traditional) - 3:33 from 2013's Child Ballads
Mockingbird - 3:14 from 2004's Hymns For The Exiled
When The Chips Are Down w/The Haden Triplets - 2:14 from 2010's Hadestown

Of Monsters And Men - Crystals - 4:04 from 2015's Beneath The Skin
Br'er Rabbit - Distant Lands - 3:51 from 2014's The Wild North
Matt Pond PA - Specks - 3:50 from 2010's The Dark Leaves
The Everyday Visuals - Driving - 3:46 from 2009's The Everyday Visuals
Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo - 1:34 from 1999's 69 Love Songs
Stray Cats - Nine Lives - 3:57 from 1989's Blast Off
XTC - Gold - 3:34 from 1983's Mummer

Romi Mayes - Monkey Of A Man - 3:41 from 2015's Devil On Both Shoulders
Pieta Brown - I'm Gone - 2:21 from 2011's Mercury
Lisa Biales - Sugar - 3:09 from 2012's Just Like Honey
Maria Muldaur - I'm A Woman (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller) - 4:06 from 1974's Waitress In The Donut Shop
Reneé Austin - Chicken Coop - 4:45 from 2005's Right About Love

Grinderman - Man In The Moon - 2:10 from 2007's Grinderman
Steve Earle - 21st Century Blues - 3:40 from 2013's The Low Highway