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Playlist for July 28, 2015

THEME: Fortnight
The Rolling Stones - Bitch - 3:37 from 1971's Sticky Fingers
Squeeze - The Fortnight Saga - 2:39 from 1985's Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti Bonus Tracks
The Lucksmiths - The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco - 4:30 from 2005's Warmer Corners
Jethro Tull - Quizz Kid - 5:09 from 1976's Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young To Die
Volcano Choir - Comrade - 4:36 from 2013's Repave
The Holloways - Fit For A Fortnight - 3:38 from 2007's So This Is Great Britain?
Kate Miller-Heidke - Sarah - 3:55 from 2012's Nightflight
Nick Lowe - 14 Days - 2:58 from 1994's The Impossible Bird

The British power pop band, The Vapors, formed in 1979 and disbanded in 1982. They never regroup or issued a live album. They rode the new wave/punk movement to the top of the charts one time even though they had eight singles to their credit. David Fenton was the main songwriter in the group but only put out one single after the band broke up. The Vapors released just two albums in their short, two and half year existence.

Waiting For The Weekend - 3:07 from 1980's New Clear Days
Jimmie Jones - 3:25 from 1981's Magnets
Prisoners - 2:55 from 1980's New Clear Days
Spiders - 5:00 from 1981's Magnets
News At Ten - 3:18 from 1980's New Clear Days
Civic Hall - 3:41 from 1981's Magnets
Turning Japanese - 3:44 from 1980's New Clear Days

Yukon Blonde - Confused - 4:06 from 2015's On Blonde
Ok Go - I Won't Let You Down - 3:43 from 2014's Hungry Ghosts
The Kooks - Shine On - 3:15 from 2008's The Kooks
The Clash - Stop The World - 2:34 from 1980's The B-side Of "The Call Up" Single
Gillian Welch - Look At Miss Ohio - 4:16 from 2003's Soul Journey
Honeyhoney - Ohio - 3:52 from 2011's Billy Jack
The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio - 4:36 from 2010's High Violet

The Vespers - Signs - 2:35 from 2015's Sisters And Brothers
Donna The Buffalo - Family Picture - 3:43 from 2000's Positive Friction
Jana Hunter - Babies - 3:18 from 2007's There's No Home
The Bangles - Eternal Flame - 3:56 from 1988's Everything
Gretchen Peters- When All You Got Is A Hammer - 3:46 from 2015's Blackbirds

The Avett Brothers - Salina - 4:46 from 2007's Emotionalism
The Haden Triplets - Billy Bee (Traditional) - 1:35 from 2014's The Haden Triplets