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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for August 11, 2015

THEME: Marlboro People
Paula Cole - Where Have All the Cowboys Gone - 4:26 from 1996's This Fire
The Bobs - Cowboy Lips - 3:20 from 1983's The Bobs
The Arrogant Worms - The Last Sensitive Cowboy - 4:18 from 1999's Russell's Shorts
The Felice Brothers - Marlboro Man - 5:42 from 2010's Mix Tape
Indigo Girls - Driver Education - 2:18 from 2009's Poseidon And The Bitter Bug
The Lemonheads - Half The Time - 2:45 from 1990's Lovey
Regina Spektor - That Time - 2:39 from 2006's Begin To Hope
Lily Kershaw - Marlboro Man - 3:42 from 2013's Midnight In The Garden

Three gentlemen from Australia got together after high school to form The Lucksmiths. Their 16 year existence, from 1993 to 2009, showcases very happy music juxtaposed with sometimes discouraging lyrics about relationship and daily living. Their indie twee pop music never really caught on in the States or in their own country for that matter but, they where big in Europe. The Lucksmiths released eight studio albums and many singles or EPs that were later compiled on full length recordings.

Good Light - 2:50 from 2008's First Frost
Sunlight In A Jar - 3:23 from 2005's Warmer Corners
Guess How Much I Love You - 3:22 from 1997's A Good Kind Of Nervous
Midweek Midmorning - 3:06 from 2003's Naturaliste
The Baker's Wife - 0:58 from 1994's Boondoggle
Frisbee - 2:36 from 1996's What Bird Is That?
Untidy Towns - 2:56 from 1998's Happy Secret
T-Shirt Weather - 2:44 from 2002's Where Were We
Self-Preservation - 2:03 from 2001's Why That Doesn't Surprise Me
Jewel Thieves - 2:14 from 1995's The Green Bicycle Case

Small Feet - Gold - 2:30 from 2015's From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean
Band of Horses - Laredo - 3:12 from 2010's Infinite Arms
The Shins - Simple Song - 4:15 from 2012's Port Of Morrow
Jens Lekman - A Postcard To Nina - 5:00 from 2007's Night Falls Over Kortedala
The Gossip - Listen Up! - 4:18 from 2006's Standing In The Way Of Control
Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fire - 3:32 from 2010's Clinging To A Scheme
Family Of The Year - Hero - 3:11 from 2012's Loma Vista

Caitlin Canty - Get Up - 3:45 from 2015's Reckless Skyline
Eilen Jewell - I Remember You - 3:51 from 2011's Queen Of The Minor Key
Po' Girl - Ain't Life Sweet - 4:50 from 2007's Home To You
Eliza Gilkyson - Dark Side Of Town - 5:24 from 2004's Land Of Milk And Honey

Two Gallants - Katy Kruelly - 2:57 from 2015's We Are Undone
A.C. Newman - Prophets - 2:59 from 2009's Get Guilty