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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for August 25, 2015

THEME: Over-Caffeinated
Bob Dorough - Too Much Coffee Man - 2:57 from 2000's Too Much Coffee Man
The Gourds - Tearbox - 2:20 from 2000's Bolsa De Agua
Patty Larkin - Caffeine - 3:26 from 1987's I'm Fine
John Gorka - St. Caffeine w/Lucy Kaplansky - 3:28 from 1998's After Yesterday
Todd Rundgren [TR-i] - Espresso (All Jacked Up) - 5:51 from 1995's The Individualist
The Jayhawks - Five Cups Of Coffee - 3:50 from 1989's Blue Earth
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell - Black Caffeine (Donivan Cowart/Hank DeVito) - 3:23 from 2013's Old Yellow Moon
Ron Sexsmith - Jazz at the Bookstore - 3:29 from 2006's Time Being

The Nashville rock band Kings Of Leon formed in 2000 by the three Followill brothers, after finally breaking away from their tyrannical preacher father, and a distant cousin. They blend garage rock and blues with anthem songs to produce a signature sound. The band is named after their grandfather Leon. To date, Kings Of Leon released six studio albums, a live compilation and three EPs. Recently, there's been in-fighting among the band members putting any group activity on hiatus. They'll probably put out another album in five years or so after they realize that music is their moneymaker with the diehard fans providing for their golden years.

Don't Matter - 2:50 from 2013's Mechanical Bull
Taper Jean Girl - 3:05 from 2004's Aha Shake Heartbreak
Radioactive - 3:26 from 2010's Come Around Sundown
Trani - 5:01 from 2003's Youth & Young Manhood
Use Somebody - 3:50 from 2008's Only By The Night
Ragoo - 3:01 from 2007's Because Of The Times
Molly's Chambers - 2:15 from 2003's Youth & Young Manhood
The Bucket - 2:56 from 2004's Aha Shake Heartbreak

Owen - Stolen Bike (Bruce Springteen) - 4:51 from 2009's The Seaside EP
The Sundays - Summertime - 3:34 from 1997's Static & Silence
The Smiths - A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours - 3:02 from 1986's Strangeways, Here We Come
The Tallest Man On Earth - Dark Bird is Home - 5:05 from 2015's Dark Bird is Home
The Weakerthans - Fallow - 5:27 from 1999's Fallow
The Lucksmiths - Summertown - 3:52 from 1994's Boondoggle

Eleni Mandell - Someone To Love Like You - 3:33 from 2015's Dark Lights Up
A Fine Frenzy - What I Wouldn't Do - 2:57 from 2009's Bomb In A Birdcage
Courtney Marie Andrews - It's Okay, I Understand - 3:54 from 2008's Urban Myths
10,000 Maniacs - Candy Everybody Wants - 3:08 from 1992's Our Time In Eden
Tracey Thorn - Raise The Roof - 4:03 from 2007's Out Of The Woods

Gospel Machine - Just Call Me - 3:07 from 2015's Your Holy Ghost
Juliana Hatfield - Change The World - 3:48 from 2011's There's Always Another Girl