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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for October 20, 2015

THEME: Evil Twin
Arctic Monkeys - Evil Twin - 3:22 from 2011's Suck And See Single
Thomas Dolby - Evil Twin Brother - 5:25 from 2011's A Map Of The Floating City
Tanya Donelly - Days Of Grace - 4:32 from 2006's This Hungry Life
The Elders - Kathleen - 2:57 from 2009's Gael Day
They Might Be Giants - My Evil Twin - 2:37 from 1992's Apollo 18
Amy Rigby - Why Do I - 4:26 from 2003's Til The Wheels Fall Off
Magnetic Fields - I Wish I Had An Evil Twin - 3:16 from 2004's i
John Wesley Harding - The Person You Are - 3:39 from 1991's The Name Above The Title

Formed in Brighton, England back in 2004, The Kooks have always been a quartet with Luke Pritchard and Hugh Harris the constant members. Their popularity was immediate, their songwriting inventive and their staying power enduring. The indie rock band experiments with many different sounds but seem to have a catchy pop sensibility to them. Since their inception, The Kooks released four solo albums and 15 singles.

Forgive & Forget - 3:57 from 2014's Listen
Junk Of The Heart (Happy) - 3:08 from 2011's Junk Of The Heart
Always Where I Need To Be - 2:41 from 2008's Konk
She Moves In Her Own Way - 2:49 from 2006's Inside In/Inside Out
Shine On - 3:14 from 2008's Konk
Ooh La - 3:29 from 2006's Inside In/Inside Out
Bad Habit - 3:40 from 2014's Listen
Hateful Of Love - 3:32 from 2008's Konk RAK

Daniel Martin Moore - On Our Way Home - 3:28 from 2015's Golden Age
Andrew Bird - Heretics - 3:34 from 2007's Armchair Apocrypha
M. Ward - Chinese Translation - 3:59 from 2006's Post-War
Paul Simon - Late in the Evening - 4:01 from 1980's One-Trick Pony
Paul Weller - Light Nights - 3:45 from 2008's 22 Dreams
The Be Good Tanyas - Out Of The Wilderness (Traditional) - 3:13 from 2006's Hello Love
The Rolling Stones - I Am Waiting - 3:11 from 1966's Aftermath

Katzenjammer - Lady Grey - 3:18 from 2015's Rockland
Apocalypse Five And Dime - Mississippi Ghost Rag - 3:16 from 2011's Ballads For The End Times
La Sera - Devils Hearts Grow Gold - 2:31 from 2011's La Sera
Dark Dark Dark - In Your Dreams - 3:19 from 2010's Wild Go
Crystal Bright And The Silver Hands - Drowned Out - 3:32 from 2012's Muses And Bones

Stereophonics - C'Est La Vie - 3:41 from 2015's Keep The Village Alive
Was (Not Was) - I Blew Up The United States - 3:51 from 1990's Are You Okay?