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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for October 27, 2015

THEME: It's Haunting
Radiohead - Give Up the Ghost - 4:50 from 2011's The King Of Limbs
Priscilla Ahn - Empty House - 4:26 from 2011's When You Grow Up
Cake - Frank Sinatra - 4:01 from 1996's Fashion Nugget
Stars - I Died So I Could Haunt You - 3:03 from 2010's The Five Ghosts
Marissa Nadler - Ghosts & Lovers - 4:16 from 2009's Little Hells
Deerhunter - Never Stops - 3:04 from 2008's Microcastle
Say Hi To Your Mom - I Think I'll Be A Good Ghost - 4:41 from 2005's Ferocious Mopes
St. Vincent - Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood - 3:01 from 2009's Actor

FEATURED ARTIST: The Rolling Stones
A few English kids meeting in London and just wanting to play music formed the Rolling Stones in 1962. They and the Beatles began a musical revolution that split a generation. They may be the self proclaimed 'World's Greatest Rock And Roll Band' but their style is pure blues rock with soulful, catchy undertones. They took extended hiatuses but they never disbanded to this day. The Rolling Stones issued two dozen studio albums in their over 50 year career routinely touring after each release.

Rocks Off - 4:28 from 1972's Exile On Main Street
What A Shame - 3:06 from 1965's The Rolling Stones, Now!
Sittin' On A Fence - 3:03 from 1967's Flowers
No Expectations - 3:56 from 1968's Beggar's Banquet
2000 Man - 3:07 from 1967's Their Satanic Majesties Request
Back Street Girl - 3:30 from 1967's Between The Buttons British Version
Out Of Time - 3:46 from 1967's Flowers

Josh Ritter - Where The Night Goes - 3:49 from 2015's Sermon On The Rocks
Langhorne Slim - I Love You, But Goodbye - 3:07 from 2009's Be Set Free
Sam Amidon - Walkin' Boss - 3:31 from 2014's Lily-O
John Prine - Mexican Home - 4:40 from 1973's Sweet Revenge
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cobwebs - 3:47 from 2008's Cardinology
Gemma Ray-Rosemary's Baby Vs Drunken Butterfly (Komeda/Sonic Youth)-3:21 from 2010's It's A Shame About Gemma Ray
Graveyard Club - Sleepwalk - 4:09 from 2014's Nightingale

Joanna Newsom - Leaving The City - 3:48 from 2015's Divers
Fiona Apple - Paper Bag - 3:43 from 1999's When the Pawn...
Jana Hunter- There's No Home - 4:42 from 2007's There's No Home
Björk - Play Dead - 3:57 from 1993's Greatest Hits
Kristin Hersh - Winter - 2:33 from 2007's Learn To Sing Like A Star

Deerhunter - Snakeskin - 4:20 from 2015's Fading Frontier
Tom Waits - Back In The Good Old World - 2:30 from 1992's Night On Earth