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Playlist for January 19, 2016

THEME: From Pillar To Post
Charlie Daniels - Big Man - 6:13 from 1973's Honey In The Rock
Luke The Drifter - Help Me Understand - 2:52 from 1953's Hank Williams As Luke The Drifter
Peter Murphy - I Spit Roses - 4:03 from 2007's Ninth
Mark Lanegan - Hotel - 3:10 from 1998's Scraps At Midnight
Ron Sexsmith - Lucky Penny - 3:52 from 2015's Carousel One
Van Morrison - Why Must I Always Explain? - 3:54 from 1991's Hymns To The Silence
Aztec Camera - Pillar To Post - 4:01 from 1982's Pillar To Post

Portland, OR singer/songwriter Justin Ringle formed the band Horse Feathers in 2004. He blends guitar, violin and cello into a deceptively mellow chamber folk sound. Until recently, Ringle's albums have all been orchestrated without the use of bass or drums. To date, Horse Feathers released six studio albums.

Violently Wild - 3:41 from 2014's So It Is With Us
Honest Doubters - 3:14 from 2006's Words Are Dead
Fit Against The Country - 3:31 from 2012's Cynic's New Year
Curs In The Weeds - 3:31 from 2008's House With No Home
Belly Of June - 3:27 from 2010's Thistled Spring
Dead End Thanks - 4:00 from 2014's So It Is With Us
Working Poor - 3:16 from 2008's House With No Home

Milk Lines - Crystal Crown - 3:51 from 2015's Ceramic
Thee Oh Sees - No Spell - 4:26 from 2013's Floating Coffin
Syd Barrett - Octopus - 3:46 from 2004's The Madcap Laughs
Lou Reed & John Cale - Forever Changed - 4:50 from 1990's Songs For Drella
Eliza Doolittle - Pack Up - 3:11 from 2011's Eliza Doolittle
Imagine Dragons - Trouble - 3:12 from 2015's Smoke + Mirrors
Golden Smog - Please Tell My Brother - 2:10 from 1998's Weird Tales

The Casket Girls - Mermaid Cottage - 3:18 from 2015's The Piano Album
Joker's Daughter - Worm's Head - 2:05 from 2009's The Last Laugh
Flo Morrissey - Pages Of Gold - 3:52 from 2015's Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful
Regina Spektor - How - 4:48 from 2012's What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
Meaghan Smith - You Got Out - 4:33 from 1998's The Cricket's Orchestra

Pokey Lafarge - The Spark - 2:51 from 2015's Something In The Water
The Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You - 3:00 from 2001's The Moldy Peaches