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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 14, 2016

THEME: Monkey On My Back
The Kills - Monkey 23 - 3:07 from 2003's Keep On Your Mean Side
Iggy Pop - Innocent World - 3:27 from 1996's Naughty Little Doggie
Juliana Hatfield - Because We Love You - 4:28 from 2004's In Exile Deo
Yusuf Islam - The Devil Came From Kansas (Gary Brooker/Keith Reid) - 3:42 from 2014's Tell Em I'm Gone
Van Morrison - Whatever Happened to PJ Proby - 3:16 from 2002's Down The Road
John Cale - Mr. Wilson - 3:17 from 1975's Slow Dazzle
David Gray - Mutineers - 5:02 from 2014's Mutineers
Jimmy Buffett - I Will Play For Gumbo - 4:06 from 1999's Beach House On The Moon

Singer/songwriter Elinor Blake performs under the pseudonym, April March, since the summer of 1995. Prior to her solo efforts she sang in two bands and was the principal animator and writer for the TV shows Ren and Stimpy and Pee Wee's Playhouse. The New York City native sings melodic psychedelic pop rock songs in both French and English. During the past 20 years, April March released six studio albums plus a bunch of EPs and singles.

Spirals - 3:42 from 2012's April March And Aquaserge
Chick Habit (Serge Gainsbourg) - 2:10 from 1996's Paris In April
Sugar - 4:09 from 1997's Chrominance Decoder
Lunar Lake - 3:59 from 2008's Magic Monsters
The Moon Is Blue - 4:01 from 1998's April March & Los Cincos
There Is Always Madness - 4:04 from 2003's Triggers
Dreams Don't Come True (Mike Maker aka Michael Reetz) - 1:04 from 1997's April March Sings Along With The Makers

Travis - Magnificent Time - 2:50 from 2016's Everything At Once
Keane - Sovereign Light Cafe - 3:38 from 2012's Strangeland
Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark - 4:02 from 2011's Fallen Empires
Bauhaus - Poison Pen - 3:10 from 1989's Swing the Heartache: The BBC Sessions
Lana Del Rey - American - 4:09 from 2012's Paradise
Eleni Mandell - American Boy - 3:45 from 2004's Afternoon
Gogol Bordello - American Wedding - 3:38 from 2007's Super Taranta!
They Might Be Giants - I'm Sick (Of This American Life) - 1:27 from 2002's They Got Lost

Emily Jane White - Frozen Garden - 3:56 from 2016's They Moved In Shadow All Together
Eve Belle - Too Young To Feel This Old - 3:31 from 2015's Sonder
Laura Cortese - Into The Dark - 3:41 from 2013's Into The Dark
Mary Flower - Papa's On The Housetop (Leroy Carr) - 3:52 from 2005's Bywater Dance
Little Scream - Cannons - 3:49 from 2011's The Golden Record

John Doe - Get On Board - 2:35 from 2016's The Westerner
Warren Zevon - Leave My Monkey Alone - 4:12 from 1987's Sentimental Hygiene