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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 21, 2016

THEME: Monkey Business
Sparks - Let The Monkey Drive - 4:10 from 2008's Exotic Creatures Of The Deep
Smog - When You Walk - 3:06 from 1993's Julius Caesar
They Might Be Giants - One Dozen Monkeys - 1:34 from 2008's Here Come The 123s!
XTC - The Smartest Monkeys - 4:18 from 1992's Nonsuch
Jonathan Coulton - My Monkey - 2:47 from 2010's Thing A Week One
Delbert McClinton - Monkey Around - 3:10 from 1997's One Of The Fortunate Few
Ani DiFranco - Round A Pole - 2:58 from 2008's Red Letter Year
Nick Lowe - Big Kick, Plain Scrap! - 2:28 from 1979's Labour Of Lust
Richard Thompson - Bad Monkey - 5:14 from 2007's Sweet Warrior

Cofounder of the long running Los Angeles roots punk band X, John Doe also has an equally long solo career. Born John Duchac, the singer/songwriter, actor, poet and guitarist has appeared in dozens of TV shows and several movies over the years. He was also a member of The Knitters, a mid-'80s cult super group. As a solo artist, he's much more oriented toward folk rock sometimes with a punkish edge. John Doe released ten studio albums with the first two coming out in the early 90's and the rest after 2000.

My Darling, Blue Skies - 3:13 from 2016's The Westerner
Twin Brother - 3:43 from 2005's Forever Hasn't Happened Yet
Giant Step Backward w/Patty Griffin - 4:44 from 2011's Keeper
A Little More Time - 3:49 from 2007's A Year In The Wilderness
Bad, Bad Feelings - 2:03 from 1998's For The Rest Of Us
Forever For You w/Jane Wiedlin - 4:19 from 2002's Dim Stars, Bright Sky
Beat-Up World - 3:20 from 2000's Freedom Is...

Big Deal - Avalanche - 3:14 from 2016's Say Yes
Cloud Control - Just For Now - 3:57 from 2011's Bliss Release
Lanterns On The Lake - Another Tale From Another English Town - 5:16 from 2014's Until The Colours Run
Rolling Stones - Monkey Man - 4:12 from 1969's Let It Bleed
Amy Cook - Waiting 4 the World 2 End - 3:49 from 2012's Summer Skin
Talking Heads - The Great Curve - 6:28 from 1980's Remain In Light

Little Scream - Love As A Weapon - 4:53 from 2016's Cult Following
Austra - Lose It - 4:29 from 2011's Feel It Break
Purity Ring - Push Pull - 3:28 from 2015's Another Eternity
Chelsea Wolfe - Feral Love - 3:22 from 2013's Pain Is Beauty
Land Of Talk - Quarry Hymns - 5:46 from 2004's Cloak And Cipher

Anders Osborne - Lafayette - 3:59 from 2016's Spacedust & Ocean Views