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Playlist for August 23, 2016

THEME: Stealing Thunder
Sloan Wainwright - Steal My Thunder - 3:03 from 1995's Sloan Wainwright
The Jayhawks - The Devil Is In Her Eyes - 3:37 from 1999's Paging Mr. Proust
Duffy - My Boy - 3:27 from 2010's Endlessly
Kasey Chambers - Railroad - 4:22 from 2006's Carnival
Richard Thompson - No's Not A Word - 4:25 from 1996's You? Me? Us?
Veruca Salt - Volcano Girls - 3:18 from 1997's Eight Arms To Hold You
The Walls - Drowning Pool - 2:54 from 2005's New Dawn Breaking
The Jezabels - Prisoner - 4:12 from 2011's Prisoner
The Accidentals - Brake - 2:36 from 2013's Bittersweet

Originally from Boston, the Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Annie Keating has been recording music since 2004. Most reviewers usually label her songs as alternative country but on occasion she rocks out to charming effect or integrates folky story tales into her tunes. Annie Keating self released many of her seven studio albums.

You Bring The Sun - 4:36 from 2016's Trick Star
Keeping Time - 3:29 from 2006's Take The Wheel
On The Loose - 4:24 from 2010's Water Tower View
All Gone - 4:37 from 2013's For Keeps
Flowers Bloom - 4:04 from 2008's Belmont
I Want to Believe - 3:51 from 2015's Make Believing
Four Leaf Clover - 2:24 from 2004's The High Dive

Math And Physics Club - Across The Paper - 3:09 from 2016's In This Together
The Lucksmiths - A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed) - 4:54 from 2008's First Frost
Tullycraft - The Punks Are Writing Love Songs - 2:58 from 2007's Every Scene Needs A Center
Matt Pond PA - Lovers Always Win - 3:11 from 2011's Spring Fools
Wooden Birds - Believe In Love - 4:02 from 2011's Magnolia
Her Space Holiday - Sleepy California - 5:00 from 2003's The Young Machines

Lou Rhodes - All I Need - 3:33 from 2016's Theyesandeye
Katie Melua - The Flood - 4:04 from 2010's The House
Priscilla Ahn - When You Grow Up - 3:03 from 2011's When You Grow Up
Carole King - It's Going To Take Some Time - 3:35 from 1971's Music
Lucy Spraggan - Tea & Toast - 4:32 from 2013's Join The Club

DM Stith - Sawtooth - 3:52 from 2016's Pigeonheart
Randy Newman - The Story Of A Rock And Roll Band - 2:53 from 1979's Born Again