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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for October 4, 2016

THEME: A Jungle Out There
Harry Nilsson - It's A Jungle Out There - 3:53 from 1975's Duit On Mon Dei
Xavier Rudd - Set It Up - 4:09 from 2007's White Moth
Rodney Crowell - Preachin' To The Choir - 5:08 from 2003's Fate's Right Hand
The Kinks - Somebody Stole My Car - 4:04 from 1993's Phobia
Slow Club - Ancient Rolling Sea - 4:55 from 2016's One Day All Of This Won't Matter Anymore
Jimmy Buffett - Fruitcakes - 7:40 from 1994's Fruitcakes

The Los Angles rock band, That Dog, formed in 1991 with their first record coming a year later. The lead singer and guitarist, Anna Waronker, wrote most of the songs. Two of the Haden Triplets were among the band members; Petra Haden, violin and backing vocals and Rachel Haden, bass and backing vocals. Their music style fuses punk rock swagger with power pop hooks while dabbling with vocal harmony. They reunited in 2011 threatening to issue new music ever since. That Dog released three studio albums in their short six years existence.

Minneapolis - 3:50 from 1997's Retreat From The Sun
Silently - 2:27 from 1995's Totally Crushed Out!
Old Timer - 2:11 from 1993's That Dog
Grunge Couple - 3:52 from 1994's DGC Rarities Vol. 1
Never Say Never - 3:17 from 1997's Retreat From The Sun
One Summer Night - 2:11 from 1995's Totally Crushed Out!
Punk Rock Girl - 2:08 from 1993's That Dog
Family Functions - 2:22 from 1993's That Dog
Retreat From The Sun - 3:40 from 1997's Retreat From The Sun

Cass McCombs - Run Sister Run - 5:55 from 2016's Mangy Love
Kurt Vile - In My Time - 3:29 from 2010's In My Time
Elliott Smith - Waltz #2 (XO) - 4:40 from 1998's XO
Timbuk 3 - Facts About Cats - 3:22 from 1986's Greetings from Timbuk 3
Hot Chip - Alley Cats - 5:21 from 2010's One Life Stand
Queen - Delilah - 3:35 from 1991's Innuendo

Joseph - White Flag - 3:20 from 2016's I'm Alone, No You're Not
Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love - 4:16 from 2009's Lungs
First Aid Kit - Waitress Song - 4:04 from 2014's Stay Gold
Frente! - Jungle - 3:06 from 1996's Shape
Paramore - All I Wanted - 3:45 from 2009's Brand New Eyes

The Divine Comedy - Funny Peculiar w/Cathy Davey - 2:45 from 2016's Foreverland
Jenny Dalton - Better Known Vacancy - 3:20 from 2008's Rusalka's Umbrella