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Playlist for October 25, 2016

THEME: Which Witch
Steeleye Span - The Twelve Witches (Traditional) - 4:30 from 1976's Rocket Cottage
Sufjan Stevens - In The Devil's Territory - 4:58 from 2004's Seven Swans
Jethro Tull - Witches Promise - 3:50 from 1970's Benefit
Jeff Buckley - Witches' Rave - 4:41 from 1998's Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk
John Fogerty - Wicked Old Witch - 3:27 from 2004's Deja Vu All Over Again
The Waterboys - Corn Circles - 4:05 from 1993's Dream Harder
Of Montreal - Bassem Sabry - 4:45 from 2015's Aureate Gloom

Singer/songwriter and bass player John Doe and guitarist Billy Zoom formed X in 1977. John Doe's girlfriend and eventual first wife, Exene Cervenka, singing and writing lyrics, was also part of the original line up. Beginning as a punk rock group, they expanded their sound over the years to included roots rock and several other genres. They broke up in 1993, reformed a decade later and still tour today. X released seven studio albums which influenced a broad range of contemporary musicians.

New Life - 3:26 from 1993's Hey Zeus!
Nausea - 3:40 from 1980's Los Angeles
Cyrano De Berger's Back - 3:38 from 1987's See How We Are
White Girl - 3:27 from 1981's Wild Gift
Burning House Of Love - 3:54 from 1985's Ain't Love Grand
Riding With Mary - 3:41 from 1982's Under The Big Black Sun
The New World - 3:28 from 1983's More Fun In The New World

The Frights - Afraid Of The Dark - 3:07 from 2016's You Are Going To Hate This
The Growlers - I'll Be Around - 4:47 from 2016's City Club
Colleen Green - Time In The World - 3:41 from 2013's Sock It To Me
The Strokes - Hard To Explain - 3:48 from 2001's Is This It
Olivia Jean - Haunt Me - 3:05 from 2014's Bathtub Love Killings
Elvis Costello - Pony St. - 3:25 from 1994's Brutal Youth
Sloan - Witches Wand - 2:50 from 2008's Parallel Play

Trobar De Morte - While The Field Is Green - 3:15 from 2016's Ouroboros
Esben And The Witch - Marching Song - 3:54 from 2011's Violet Cries
Drinks - Hermits On Holiday - 3:28 from 2015's Hermits On Holiday
Mediaeval Baebes - Desert Rose - 3:50 from 2009's Illumination
Marianne Faithfull - Witches' Song - 4:44 from 1979's Broken English

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Girl in Amber - 4:51 from 2009's Skeleton Tree