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Playlist for January 17, 2017

THEME: Reach For The Sky
Paul Weller - I'm Where I Should Be - 3:26 from 2015's Saturns Pattern
The Replacements - Within Your Reach - 4:25 from 1983's Hootenanny!
Iggy Pop - Bang Bang - 4:08 from 1981's Party
Country Joe & The Fish - Super Bird - 2:07 from 1967's Electric Music For The Mind And Body
The Mountain Goats - Luna - 3:28 from 2015's Beat The Champ
Beth Orton - Reach For The Sky (Judee Sill) - 3:52 from 2009's Crayon Angel: A Tribute To The Music Of Judee Sill
Beirut - A Sunday Smile - 3:36 from 2007's The Flying Club Cup
John Gorka - Branching Out - 3:09 from 1987's I Know

In the early 60's, singer/songwriter Stephen Stills began his music career kicking around with a few bands in New York City and doing session work until moving to Los Angles. There he formed Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young before starring in the supergroup, Crosby, Still, Nash and Young. He augments his folk rock sound with the blues and Latin rhythms. Between 1970 and 2010, ten studio albums, a bunch of collaborations and a few live recordings comprise the Stephen Stills solo catalogue.

Drivin' Thunder - 4:26 from 2005's Man Alive!
Johnny's Garden - 2:46 from 1972's Manassas
Buyin' Time - 3:36 from 1976's Illegal Stills
Sit Yourself Down - 2:53 from 1970's Stephen Stills
Marianne - 2:23 from 1971's Stephen Stills 2
Treetop Flyer - 4:55 from 1991's Stills Alone
Turn Back The Pages - 4:05 from 1975's Stills

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Don't Bother Me - 4:00 from 2016's Mid Thirties Single Scene
The Lemonheads - If I Could Talk I'd Tell You - 2:51 from 1996's Car Button Cloth
Lou Reed - Hangin' Round - 3:35 from 1972's Transformer
Dawes - From A Window Seat (Rivers And Freeways) - 4:28 from 2013's Stories Don't End
Lesley Kernochan - Blown Away - 3:18 from 2016's A Calm Sun
Stephin Merritt - Forever And A Day -1:57 from 2011's Obscurities
The Bicycle Thief - Hurt - 2:47 from 2001's You Come And Go Like A Pop Song

Springtime Carnivore - Face In The Moon - 3:43 from 2016's Midnight Room
Dum Dum Girls - I Got Nothing - 3:16 from 2012's End Of Daze
Rachael Yamagata - EZ Target - 4:01 from 2016's Tightrope Walker
Melanie - Cyclone - 4:12 from 1976's Photograph
Seapony - Where We Go - 2:34 from 2011's Go With Me

Shovels & Rope - Buffalo Nickel - 4:03 from 2016's Little Seeds
Jack White - Freedom At 21 - 2:52 from 2012's Blunderbuss