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Playlist for May 16, 2017

THEME: The Lion's Share
Wild Beasts - Lion's Share - 4:15 from 2011's Smother
Snow Patrol - You're All I Have - 4:33 from 2006's Eyes Open
Against Me! - All Or Nothing - 3:59 from 2000's Against Me!
The Hives - Supply And Demand - 2:26 from 2000's Veni Vidi Vicious
10,000 Maniacs - The Lion's Share - 3:04 from 1989's Blind Man's Zoo
Hey Marseilles - Cafe Lights - 6:08 from 2013's Lines We Trace
Sonny & The Sunsets - Year Of The Cock - 5:42 from 2012's Longtime Companion

Guitar virtuoso, Leo Kottke began performing in coffeehouses in the mid 60s. He tours regularly even now. His masterful 12 string acoustic instrumentals are strewn throughout his many albums. About half his songs feature growly vocals in a folk blues or countryish songwriting style. Over the past five decades, Leo Kottke released two dozen studio albums along with several live releases, many compilation disks and a few movie soundtracks.

Balloon - 3:26 from 2005's Sixty Six Steps
Pepe Hush - 3:42 from 1991's Great Big Boy
Standing In My Shoes - 3:59 from 1997's Standing In My Shoes
Little Beaver - 1:40 from 1986's A Shout Toward Noon
Julie's House w/Emmylou Harris - 3:24 from 1983's Time Step
Everybody Lies - 2:49 from 1978's Burnt Lips
Hear The Wind Howl - 3:04 from 1971's Mudlark
Tilt Billings And The Student Prince - 4:58 from 1974's Ice Water

Grouplove - Torso - 5:04 from 2017's Little Mess
Local Natives - Wide Eyes - 4:27 from 2010's Gorilla Manor
La Sera - 10 Headed Goat Wizard - 2:38 from 2014's Hour Of The Dawn
The Knack - Your Number or Your Name - 2:28 from 1979's Get The Knack
Mark Eitzel - Mr. Humphries - 4:53 from 2017's Hey Mr Ferryman
Leonard Cohen - The Future - 6:42 from 1992's The Future

Laura Marling - Next Time - 4:01 from 2017's Semper Femina
Lucy Rose - Shiver - 3:53 from 2012's Like I Used To
Emmy The Great - Paper Forest (In The Afterglow Of Rapture) - 3:42 from 2011's Virtue
Richard & Linda Thompson - Down Where The Drunkards Roll - 4:07 from 1974's I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
The Staves - Make It Holy - 4:34 from 2015's If I Was

Fred Eaglesmith - Miss Mary Jane - 2:05 from 2017's Standard
Lou Reed - Nowhere At All - 3:17 from 1976's Coney Island Baby Deluxe Edition